The Mike McCann Team’s New Year Goals

New Year, New Goals!

The Mike McCann Team has had a more than spectacular 2015 and we are gearing up for an even more amazing 2016. Of course, in business and in life, it is extremely important to set goals and follow through on them. That is exactly what we are doing in order to inspire success and positivity on both a team and personal level. Read up on all of the resolutions that the Mike McCann Team members have made in order to start the New Year off right!

Mike McCann

My resolution is to be an active example of the power of positivity, compassion, hard work, charity, and tenacity with everyone that I come in contact with! I am also eliminating certain words from my vocabulary, but I can’t tell you which words because I am no longer using them!

Andrea Boelter – I will continue to provide my clients with detailed and professional market knowledge, using my excellent negotiating skills on their behalf, while being accessible to them anywhere in the world as I continue to pursue my dreams traveling across this planet.


Ame Goldman – With so much new construction happening, my resolution this year is to really be an expert in my new neighborhood of Fishtown. I just hope I maintain or lose weight, not gain it with all the new restaurants coming to the neighborhood!


Jim Onesti – I will double my charitable donations in 2016! I also hope to achieve a record breaking sale price in each of the new, super-hot center city neighborhoods.


Ryan McCann –
My resolution is to stay healthy, read more, and help an even greater number of clients to reach their dream in Philadelphia real estate in 2016!


Margo Weil – I am going to get tech savvy and up to date so I can work more listings and more buyers. I also want to work out more and get more sleep. In a nutshell, I want to make more but work less and lose weight while I sleep.


Mike Goldstein – My New Year’s resolution is to play old man basketball 3 times per week and pack my lunch every day…..just like my mom used to do. Maybe even get a little crazy and throw in a pack of gushers!


Paul Chin – I am going to do at least one good deed per week and focus on getting more feedback from clients.


Bibe Chin – My New Year’s Resolution is to hit the gym regularly to get myself to tip-top shape so that I am prepared for any type of property showing challenge.



Richard A. Fravel, Jr. – My 2016 resolution is to keep my car a bit cleaner this year.  Some days I feel like I live in my Mini Cooper.  It’s like a second home. However – the empty seltzer cans I’ve been hoarding will no longer call it home as well.  They’re headed to the recycling bin!  Once the Mini gets its makeover, I’ll continue to focus on finding ways to improve on customer service which is always my top priority!

Stuart Cohen – My New Year’s resolution is to listen more before speaking and to spend more time on follow up.


Pam Thistle – I resolve to become more proficient in resources available to all Philadelphia REALTORS such as TREND and brokers opens. I also hope to learn more about special Mike McCann Team resources like Follow Up Boss, Mike McCann Team FB links from MG and input & coaching from Mike. I also hope to stay on top of our market, be a smart successful agent, serve my clients better than the competition and manage my time.


Lynda Krevitz – My resolution is to spend more time volunteering in order to help those in need.




Melanie McConnell – My resolution is balance. To consistently be aware of and maintain a healthy balance of all things including work, family, personal, food, exercise, TV and everything in between!


Lauren Acker Kratz – My resolution is to continue to work hard and diligently on behalf of my clients. To remember that buying or selling a home can be stressful and to do everything that I can to provide my clients with a positive and stress free transaction.


Julie McCann – I want to spend much less time binge watching Netflix!



Karen McCormick – I would like to start volunteering again, take better care of myself and take a really nice vacation this year!


Bryanna Carzo – My New Year’s resolutions are to get my real estate license, (I am so close!) and to read more books from cover to cover!



Cyndi McCann – My New Year’s Resolution is to stand up straight and work on my posture even when I am on the computer or phone!  Anyone have an extra corset?


Beth McLean – I want to do more yoga and waste less money!



Jessica Kalup – My resolutions this year are to ride my bike more, drink more water, and to be kinder to the environment.



Eileen Van Cleave

I will volunteer more at my local animal shelter!

Pat Kaisinger

I will expand my business, continue my education and maintain balance in the midst of my busy schedule.

Now you know how we plan to kick off 2016! How will you make this a happy, healthy and successful New Year?

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