Top 10 Cheapest Cities to Live In


Some people are proud to live in a city with a low cost of living, even if it means having less to do or see.  Consumers are anxious to stretch their budgets as much as possible, and many people are choosing to move from more expensive areas to cities with a lower cost of living.  A recent survey by the Council for Community and Economic research listed the 10 cheapest cities in the United States.  To make the list, the city had to have a low cost of living and a relatively high average income.  The cities that made the list have a score below the national average of 100.  Here is the list of the cheapest U.S. cities with ranked from the most affordable city at the top of the list:

1.     St. Louis, MO
2.     El Paso, TX
3.     Springfield, IL
4.     Kalamazoo, MI
5.     Spokane, WA
6.     San Antonio, TX
7.     Eau Claire, WI
8.     South Bend, IN
9.     Jonesboro, AR
10.   Wichita, KS
Many consumers are looking to lower their relative cost of living my moving to places that boast a lower cost of living.  Sometimes the cost of a lower cost of living is a less vibrant and cultured city, but the cities on the list have lots of things to do and have well established arts communities.  They also have income levels that are higher than the national average, which means that relocation does not have to result in a lower income.

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