Top 3 Bathroom Design Trends

One of the most popular home improvement projects that are done is remodeling your bathroom. This has a significant value in the overall worth of your home, and the effect that it can have on your own happiness can be priceless. Throughout the industry there are often design trends that come and go for this important area of your home and some of the most popular will stand the test of time. Here are three of some of the best and most popular bathroom design trends today.

Technological additions

If you are looking for a positive and enjoyable experience in the bathroom then appealing to your senses is one of the best ways to achieve this. One of the biggest trends right now is to incorporate technology to help add comfort and give a relaxing environment for those who are enjoying it. This can be seen by adding things like radiant heat. By installing in-floor systems to heat the tile you can have a soothing walk to the shower or tub without having the typical shock that most people experience first thing in the morning of the cold tile touching your feet. In addition to being very comfortable, it also is a more cost-effective way to heat the room than many other methods.

On the other side of this is the unique cooling cabinet, a feature that some are starting to include in their bathrooms as a place to keep medicine, drinks, and other perishables cool for keeping. There are also some other amazing extras that you can add to this room that will enhance mood such as built in surround sound audio, lighting designed to raise your spirits and relax you (chromatherapy), and therapeutic aroma that can be dispensed from a variety of devices.

Enhancing the look with tile

Another very popular trend right now is tile. Although this has been a staple of the traditional bathroom likely since the time of the Romans, today there are unique and beautiful ways that tile is being used. For example one way tile is being incorporated into the bathroom is by using recycled glass, giving a unique pattern and beautiful overall appearance.

Subway tile is another that is still being used, which is a unique rectangular style that adds a lot to the overall look. One of the benefits to using this kind of material is that the cleaning of a tiled surface is a simple experience and can typically be done with basic cleaners and a cloth. In addition to the tile, another trend is to use very bold and contrasting colors, such as a bright cobalt blue and a stark white.

Enhancing the power of the shower

Lastly another really big trend right now is to amp up the shower experience by giving you more to work with. This is seen in many homes that are starting to include a multi shower head system. Some include an additional head on the reverse side, some a massive head on the ceiling, and others that have multiple jets that come from a variety of locations. There is also a new trend growing that is seeing the construction of personal steam showers. This essentially turns your bathroom into your own private spa and the steam shower will make everyday feel like it is a vacation.

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