Top 3 New Philadelphia Restaurants for 2012

Maybe you are looking for a great new restaurant in Philadelphia this weekend.  We’ve come up with a list of a few of our favorites:


Talulah’s Garden

This restaurant has been around only a short while, but folks are already loving the Secret Garden feel of the space. The food is innovative without being over the top, meaning it’s a great place for a special celebration when you aren’t with foodies. Talulah’s Garden has a patio, but patrons are just as happy indoors when the weather is less than ideal. It can be difficult to snag a reservation for dinner at Talulah’s Garden, so you may be better off stopping by for brunch. Many of the dinner items are available at that time, allowing you to eat at this fabulous restaurant without waiting weeks to get a table. The cheese plate is a can’t miss and there’s a bountiful supply of eco friendly wines.

Talulah’s Garden does the farm to table niche, but in a more refined and chic manner. Be aware this isn’t a restaurant for vegetarians or the vegan set. It’s a lot of lamb, chicken and beef, which is delicious, but makes for a heavy meal that not everyone is a fan of. Reviews rave about the duck and roasted chicken. Tallulah’s Garden’s desserts are said to be some of the best and don’t pack the heft of most overly sweet desserts you’ll find at many restaurants. Instead, the restaurant knows to go with light things that go down nicely after a big meal.


Hickory Lane American Bistro

The restaurant’s name might be a mouthful, but so is the food and that’s a great thing! This cozy restaurant is a favorite new pick in Philadelphia for those in the Fairmount area. The prices are affordable for a fine dining restaurant and there’s a plentiful selection of universally appealing food, such as a burger, chicken and scallops. There’s a little something for everyone at this restaurant.

For wine lovers, note that Hickory Lane American Bistro doesn’t have a liquor license…yet. This means it’s BYOB for now, which takes the already affordable meal to a place that nearly everyone can enjoy. The portions aren’t massive, but that’s a good thing and means there’s plenty of room for dessert. Winning dishes are the cauliflower au gratin, the brussel sprouts and New York strip steak.


Rex 1516

This restaurant is located in Rittenhouse Square. The awesome thing about Rex 1516 is they have a gluten-free menu. This is a major factor for those who are allergic to gluten, as it can be difficult to enjoy dining out while paying attention to allergies. Rex 1516’s gluten-free menu isn’t available online, but if you inquire about it at the restaurant, they’re happy to show you what’s on that evening’s menu. This is a fantastic trait in a restaurant and shows that they’re willing to go above and beyond for patrons.

The cocktails at Rex 1516 are something to cheer about, especially if you’re one for classics like a gimlet, Manhattan or mint julep. It’s this careful attention to traditional touches that makes a modern restaurant worth visiting. Rex 1516 takes reservations for brunch, lunch and dinner, which means you should be able to get a table, no matter when you want to visit.

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