V2 Properties: Building Upon a Foundation of Trust

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Philadelphia has an amazing community of hardworking, knowledgeable and considerate real estate developers and we are honored to work with these individuals every day. Recently, we have been very impressed by the professionalism and reputation of V2 Properties, a local real estate development company. After multiple, extremely positive interactions with this company, as well as hearing a lot of complimentary news about them through word of mouth, we decided to reach out to them and find out exactly what has been contributing to their success. The response we received from Vince Viney, owner of V2 Properties, was extremely inspiring and deepened our sense of pride in Philly’s real estate community.

V2 Properties has been coordinating projects all over Philadelphia and Ocean City, New Jersey for the past 12 years, gaining a great deal of popularity from investors, colleagues and employees along the way. The company credits its continuous success to a strong sense of morality and a sharp focus on quality. Viney was originally inspired to enter the development field by the flawed practices of other developers. He felt that he could no longer stand by and watch “builders and developers delivering an inferior finished product at market prices” when he knew that he could “deliver higher end amenities and features for market competitive prices.” Though he knew doing this would lead to a lower profit margin, he pursued this quality-focused style of development in order to honor his Catholic beliefs, stating that “the golden rule of ‘do unto others….’ should apply to real estate development.” Viney explained his philosophy very simply by saying, “I’m okay with lower margins as long as I deliver a product that I am proud of and leave my buyers with a strong sense of satisfaction and gratitude.” This unique business model has earned V2 Properties a distinguishable identity in the real estate field and their practices benefit buyers and investors equally.

As a native Philadelphian, Viney believes in the Philadelphia market, describing it as “vibrant and highly desirable.” V2 Properties strives to give back to the city whenever possible in order to express their gratitude for all of the support they have received over the years.  They are very active in the community and donate funds to schools and athletic organizations. They are dedicated to supporting the Philadelphia area in any way that they can and are always seeking out different ways to make a difference. Viney believes that his philanthropic efforts are one of the most important aspects of his work and life.

Look out for homes like these popping up in Philly’s up and coming Dickinson Narrows neighborhood!

V2 Properties’ win/win business model, deeply rooted in moral values, has allowed the company to grow rapidly and build an impressive résumé. They have quadrupled their market cap over the past 5 years and expect to double in size again over the next 4 years.   They work with over 40 investors and have sold over 25 million dollars in real estate. The company has a strong reputation of meeting the needs of their investors, following through on their promises and obtaining the targeted returns on investments. By creating and maintaining positive reputations all over the city, V2 Properties is able to constantly build and expand. In addition to that, V2 Properties embraces a team approach, (near and dear to our hearts!) working closely with Viney’s wife, Kimberly, Design & Logistics, and Managing Director Bill Archer.

This company has had an exciting impact on Philadelphia by coordinating many new construction and rehabilitation projects all over the city. They have been responsible for recent projects in Northern Liberties, Pennsport, Whitman and Point Breeze. We are extremely excited that V2 Properties is now developing 10 homes scattered throughout the Dickinson Narrows section of South Philadelphia.  These three story homes will be priced from $260,000-$290,000 and will be a great value in the nation’s second hottest neighborhood!! They have many future projects in line as well, all with the goal of improving and beautifying this great city!  V2 Properties has built and recreated over 60 homes and they are continuously gaining momentum and taking on new projects. Viney explains, “Being part of the transformation of Philadelphia is very special to me.  This is one of the best cities in the country and it’s a dream come true to be part of making our great city achieve its full potential.”

Look out for homes like these popping up in Philly’s up and coming Dickinson Narrows neighborhood!

We love the consciousness and moral responsibility that Vince Viney brings into his work. This way of doing business encapsulates the spirit of Philadelphia, promoting cooperation and a common goal among real estate professionals. Personally, we can’t wait to see the V2 Properties impact on this city in the future and we look forward to working alongside of them to help Philly reach its optimal potential.

P.S.  Keep an eye out for V2 Properties’ hot new developments at these Dickinson Narrows addresses: 621 Mercy Street, 629 Mercy Street, 630 Hoffman Street, 745 Emily Street, 605 McKean Street, 636 Pierce Street, 715 Mercy Street, 722 Mercy Street & 727 Mercy Street!!

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