V2 Properties Hosts Annual Give Thanks Event


On Saturday, December 5th, we were honored to be invited to V2 Properties annual, Give Thanks Event. The event was thrown to celebrate the exceptional profits V2 Properties LLC was able to return to their loyal investors in 2015.

More than 100 people were in attendance, including dozens of their investors, friends and families. Everyone  enjoyed the highly anticipated twenty minute “State of the V2 Properties” presentation given by CEO Vince Viney.

Vince, thanked each and every investor at the event, giving gratitude and praise for all of the success 2015 has brought them. He also took time to explain the company’s vision for the future by detailing how they were able to deliver amazing returns to their investors in 2015 and sharing how they will continue the path to success in 2016.

The Mike McCann Team is honored to be able to sell their amazing homes. V2 Properties continues to build fantastic homes with unmatched quality because the people involved in the company are even more high-quality then the product.

Visit V2prop.com to see past and current projects. Learn more about all of the new and exciting projects being built for 2016 in several Center City neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

Thank you to everyone at V2 Properties, especially Kim and Vince Viney, for hosting such a great event and allowing us to be part of the ever-growing network of prosperous projects and talented professionals that surround your company.

We are look forward to being part of V2 Properties continued success in 2016!

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