What to Think About When Searching for a Condo


(Picture of 1420 Locust 13F in Rittenhouse Square)

As you search for a condo, what matters to you most? Do you like a wide layout or prefer a smaller area to clean, lounge in, and decorate?  Is the ability to control your outdoor decor options paramount on your “home needs” list?  These are all important items to consider.

Every real estate agent knows that location is a prime factor when purchasing a condo.  However, while location is generally a driving force, other components come into play as you choose the perfect home. Some of these elements may even have you considering a traditional house versus a condo ownership.

So, it’s helpful to recognize both the challenges and rewards that owning a condo can bring.



Condo owners are unique in that they pay Association fees to share in the maintenance of the property at large. Reviewing this cost and the Association bylaws prior to your home purchase is essential as you may find restrictions that are not in keeping with your lifestyle. If after review you feel that the rules are too confining for the condo you are considering, try a different complex as each set of bylaws is unique.  If after reviewing several and finding all lacking, however, you may decide that condo life is not the best fit for you.


  • Why are you buying a condo?
  • Is it conveniently located?
  • What extra amenities or savings might you receive due to your condo purchase?
  • Are you a loud person? Neighbors may overhear as you will be in relatively close quarters.
  • Are you someone who likes to act independently? If so, condo life and rules may be a bit stifling.
  • Are you comfortable having someone other than you maintain your home’s exterior?
  • When added into your home cost, are your HOA fees reasonable?


No matter whether your home purchase results in a home or a condo, asking yourself these questions before making your purchase can results in happier home owning.

If you have questions about the type of home and location that is best for you, or to see a current list of our condos, contact The Mike McCann Team!



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