Whipped Bakeshop – Inspiring Smiles!

Located in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood, Whipped Bakeshop is a tastefully artsy custom bakery that focuses on providing one-of-a-kind baked goods that astound and delight their customers. We had the pleasure of speaking with the shop’s owners, Zoë and  Brennen Lukas, and were blown away by the amount of passion that this dynamic husband-and-wife duo infuse into every aspect of their business. The couple founded Whipped Bakeshop in 2007 because they felt they could bring a new element to the Philadelphia culinary scene that showcased their combined creative drive. They had dreamed for years about “a truly inspired bakeshop that would create amazing things for years to come,” and when an opportunity arose that suggested it was a genuine possibility, they seized their chance and were catapulted into nearly immediate success. Zoë brought her fine arts training and education to the table alongside her lifelong enthusiasm for baking, and when combined with Brennen’s creative drive as well as his business and marketing skills, their quest to make their dream come true was unstoppable. Together, they created an awe-inspiring bakeshop that manufactures a range of ingenious, delicious – not to mention adorable – treats.


Brennen Lukas explained to us that the drive behind Whipped Bakeshop sprouted from the pure desire to “embody the spirit of fun and creativity in everything [they] do,” and he even let us know the secret to their success: an unwavering focus on “working hard to produce original designs.”  The Whipped Bakeshop team is proud of their ability to “make clever desserts for all special occasions,” as they specialize crafting pastries for events such as milestone birthdays, weddings, new baby celebrations, and just about any other festivity imaginable. Some of the crowd favorites from their shop include their fresh-baked cupcakes, their signature “Sasquatch” brownies, French macaroons, whoopie pies, and of course, their assortment of oven fresh cookies.  The beyond adorable Finn The Whale Cake is one of Whipped Bakeshop’s specialized designs and has been copied by hundreds of bakers around the world which the owners humbly state is “a big compliment.” Whipped Bakeshop creates unbelievable yet completely original custom cakes that are designed in conjunction with their clients to ensure that they capture the unique visions their customers have in mind. Their long list of satisfied patrons and their amazing catalogue of authentic baked goods stands as a testament to their incredible level of skill.


We’re not the only ones that are head-over-heels for these prodigies’ delectable treats – Whipped Bakeshop is also an incredibly distinguished award-winning bakery. They earned Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly Award for their phenomenal cupcakes during their first year in business, and The Daily Meal named their chocolate truffle cupcakes one of America’s 101 Best Cupcakes. In 2014, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine named them as one of America’s Top Pastry Pros, and the couple could not be more overjoyed by all of this recognition and the attention that it has brought to the shop. Brennen Lukas also pointed out that they “launched a business in the middle of the Great Recession and survived to tell the tale,” and we wholeheartedly agree that that was no small feat. Nothing makes us happier than seeing small business owners that are so full of gratitude for the opportunity to do the work they love. This truly embodies the spirit of Philadelphia.


The Whipped Bakeshop staff expressed a great deal of thanks for the vibrant small business community in Philadelphia, exclaiming about how “it’s fun to meet so many people doing and making cool things.” They adore the constant motivation and enthusiasm that thrives within the Philadelphia community, and they love showing their gratitude for the city’s tight-knit and supportive nature by giving back at every opportunity through charitable efforts. They make numerous donations to a wide variety of causes, such as The Calliope Joy Foundation, and are also heavily involved in Cal’s Cupcake Challenge, a charity that raises money to help treat Leukodystrophy. We love seeing Philly’s altruistic attitude and gratitude in action!


We are also thrilled to announce that Brennen and Zoe Lukas are currently embarking on a new chapter for Whipped Bakeshop! Their project at the present involves undergoing a massive expansion and launching some new efforts that are guaranteed to excite their customers. We’re excited to see what these amazing, creative individuals come up with next, and we can’t wait to sample all of their delicious treats! The Whipped Bakeshop owners assured us that they plan to keep their passion for the art of baking and their connection to the community at the forefront of all of their efforts by wrapping up with their signature statement: “We love making people smile!”

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