Why Online Searching May Not Always Be the Best Way to Go When Buying

It’s been said that over 90% of buyers begin their home search online. That’s an incredible amount of clicking and previewing homes at your fingertips. The fact that you can search school districts, calculate your potential mortgage rate, and compare prices, makes it all the more easy to continue your home search via screen. You can cross off homes in just minutes! So then, why is it recommended to work with a Realtor early on versus later? What is the importance of showing homes in person? And, where does the benefit lay in all of this?

Getting educated for free and a true market analysis are two important reasons you should contact a Realtor earlier rather than later.  An online start is a good idea, but a Realtor will give you much more information on the home, neighborhood, previous sales, current value of home, etc.  This info can greatly affect your search, which is why contacting an agent is key.

It’s clear why seeing a home in person has its benefits, but there are other reasons that you may not be aware of. For instance, seeing a home in person allows you to think and ask questions on the spot and get free answers. Also, while there, the agent can point out some features and factors about the home that weren’t mentioned online. Most importantly, seeing a home in person allows you to walk around the neighborhood and get a ‘feel’ for it. This may include imagining yourself walking the dog, talking to the neighbors, having visitors, and much more. This is something that no picture can give you.

Plus, it’s important to note that online real estate sites’ information isn’t always 100% accurate.  Square footage, taxes, listing price, and so much more have the potential of being distorted, which can all be simple internal errors.  So, confirming details with an agent is made that much more important.

Ultimately, we know that the internet is a great place to shop. But, nothing can compare to visiting a home and seeing it up close and personal.

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