Why Wait for the Weekend?

The weekend is a long way away.  Why make yourself wait until Friday to put a little pep in your step?  Take a long lunch break or enjoy happy hour at any of these delicious locals.  Because we all know that sometimes, the weekend feels like it’s weeks away.

Bon apétite!

The Best Sandwich in America

Reading Terminal’s DiNic’s has proven to be a culinary heavy hitter and been named “Best Sandwich in America” by Adam Richman.  Saying, “that Roast Pork Sandwich is like heaven wrapped in a warm hoagie. When the Pistons travel to Philly, I always make time to get to the Reading Terminal Market before the shops close.”  Of course, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise when you think about what proud owner Joe Nicolosi has cooking in his kitchen.  The savory hub specializing in sandwiches is located in Philadelphia’s largest and most talked about Farmer’s Market, where you’ll find an escape from the city life along with many other intoxicating culinary aromas.

Located inside the Reading Terminal, in Chinatown, between 11th and 13th Streets on Market.

Just look for the big olive

Stylish, full of vintage flair, the Continental is an Old City restaurant and a Stephen Star adoptee.  Adored for its iconic drinks and mouthwatering plates, in probably one of the hippest parts of town, this renovated diner-like setting takes you back with its elegant, but fun charm while bringing you the most modern American delights.  It’s a sight for sore eyes and a quencher for bold appetites.

Located at 138 Market Street.

Buen Provecho

Who knew that such a small restaurant could have such a big impact on the senses?  From the second you walk in and take in the intoxicating ambiance to the moment you taste what is the perfect union of Cantonese and Peruvian flavors, you are experiencing the epitome of dining at a Garces restaurant.  And because the plates are meant for sharing, you’ll be able to taste and savor that much more.

Located at 707 Chestnut Street (between Society Hill and Washington Square West).

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