Top 5 Dessert Spots in Philly

Here at the McCann team, we’ve got a sweet tooth for Philly desserts, and we want to let you in on some of our favorite spots to get them! From beautifully decorated gourmet cupcakes to Taiwanese shaved ice, our city truly has it all.

  1. Franklin Fountain – Located on Market Street, this old-fashioned ice cream parlor and fountain soda shop will give you pangs of nostalgia while you enjoy delicious banana splits and dazzling ice cream sundaes served by waiters sporting classic bow-ties. The property itself was originally a gift from Pennsylvania’s founder, William Penn himself, to his daughter Letitia, and it became home to one of the first American chocolate makers. The proud owners have carried on the legacy of the many confectioners that followed who made their livings from shops in this exact location. All of the ice cream, toppings, and baked goods are made on site from scratch and the ingredients that go into them are all natural and all American. Head on down and sip on one of their hand-drawn sodas while you’re transported to the very best of America’s past.
  2. Insomnia Cookies – This late-night cookie chain is a staple of Philadelphia with locations scattered all throughout the city, including 16th Street, 13th St, Spruce St, Broad St, and Main St. Serving up treats fresh out of the oven until 3 a.m., this series of shops is even more popular due to their delivery service. From special combination deals for assorted cookies to ice cream sandwiches and cartons of milk, this is by far the best place to go to satisfying any cravings for sweets in the wee hours of the morning.
  3. Winterfell Dessert – If you’re looking for something a little different than the average Philly water ice, Winterfell Dessert can help! This Taiwanese shaved ice spot is located just around the corner from 40th Street station and offers a spectacular array of confections. You can build your own shaved ice bowl from a huge variety of toppings or choose from one of their special concoctions, which can include anything from mochi and pocky sticks to red bean and grass jelly. If you’d prefer to have something sweet to drink, there’s a large variety of bubble teas with different flavors and add-ons available. Don’t forget to bring a friend – these shaved ices are more dessert than just one person can handle!
  4. Capogiro Gelato – This neighborhood staple is known for having some of the best gelato in the city and it does not disappoint. They feature both the expected flavors as well as some gourmet creations of their own, such as chai tea with milk and honey, fico d’india (a cactus or prickly pear flavor), and carambola con limone verde (star fruit with tart limes). They also feature a flavor of the day and unlimited free samples, so stop by one of their four locations in Rittenhouse Square, Old City, Midtown Village, or Passyunk to treat your taste buds to something spectacular.
  5. Whipped Bakeshop – Known for being Best of Philly’s winner for the top cupcake in town, this bakery on Belgrade Street takes the traditional cakes, cookies, and whoopie pies up a few notches. Their artful designs combine with sensational flavors that delight every person who visits their adorable shop, and their Instagram is full of customer photos and testimonials highlighting the incredible talent and dedication that goes into every single one of their confections. Whether you are looking for adorable owl-shaped cupcakes for a baby shower or seasonal cookies for a company party, this bakery can’t help but exceed your expectations.

When it comes to sweets, Philly can’t be beat! Every one of these delectable confectionaries are sure to give you the sugar rush of your dreams and keep you coming back for more.  

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