Mike McCann & The Mike McCann Team Client Testimonials

Philadelphia Real Estate and Realtor Testimonials for Mike McCann and The Mike McCann Team. Over 100+ positively glowing reviews from buyers and sellers of Philadelphia Homes, Rowhouses, Townhouses, Condos and Property.

Katie McCann was the perfect agent for me!

‟Katie McCann was the perfect agent for me as a first-time homebuyer. She was incredibly patient with me as we went on a journey to find the perfect place for me. After a four or five month search, with a couple of multi-bid offers that didn’t end up falling my way, I was about ready to give up and rent for another year with my lease’s end quickly approaching. Katie knew what my style was and what I wanted, and encouraged me to look for one more weekend, while lining up about eight or so places. As luck would have it, I found my perfect home on that last weekend, and with what we had learned from previous offers we made an aggressive offer to ensure it landed in my hands. Katie was also fantastic when it came to post home inspection negotiations. We ended up getting a great (albeit justified) credit, and I was very happy with the entire process. I also found a great mortgage company with her help that ended up being much better than other brokers / companies I was courting. I’d highly recommend Katie to help you find your next home.” Read More ▾

Katie's attention to detail is second to none!
‟Realtor Katie McCann helped me identify a tenant for my Philly condo in a short period of time. I live out of state and her responsiveness, diligence and attention to detail were second to none. I highly recommend this multitasking hard charging realtor to everyone. I will definitely call her again to rent, sell or buy. Thanks Katie!”

Ryan and Mike stuck with us!

‟Ryan and Mike stuck with us through the duration of a buy and a sell. They kept their word every step of the way, and that was important to us. Every road bump we encountered they were there to help. Good people who show they have their clients best interest first”

Bibe was top notch!

‟ Highly recommend this team. Bibe was top notch and a life saver. She is super smart and truly watches out for your best interest. Would recommend Bibe again in a heart beat as she is the one you want in your corner. ”

‟ Couldn’t be happier. Rich Fravel and the whole Mike McCann team made this house purchase as easy as possible for me. Total pros ”

Daniel has been an amazing person to work with!

‟I had the pleasure to work with Daniel Evenchen on purchasing my first home. Starting from the beginning, Daniel has been an amazing person to work with. I would schedule multiple properties for showing and he would help coordinate all of that. During the showings, Daniel would walk us around and give us insights into the house based on his vast amount of knowledge in real estate. During the showings, I was able to learn a lot just from listening to his easy to follow explanations and advice. Daniel is patient because he understands that the majority of us are not well knowledged in the real estate industry and would answer every question I might have to the best of his knowledge. Daniel is not afraid to pitch in his own thoughts on the property and give reasons as to why he likes and/or dislikes a certain property, which helps us decide if we can tolerate the downsides of each individual property. Daniel is very hard working and is always responsive to my questions through text and email, and although I feel bad, he often helps me a lot on the weekends as well. The search for the perfect home were not have been possible if it wasn’t for Daniel, as time has become an essence due to the fact that we need to move soon. Eventually, Daniel helped us locate the home we were looking for after months of searching. Even during the showing, he would help me ask difficult questions and help look extremely thoroughly as if it was an inspection. He found problems I, or any other individual, would otherwise missed. After we decided that we would like to go forward with an offer, Daniel was quick with drafting the offer letter, as well as communicating with the seller agent. After an agreement was made, Daniel helped us with scheduling inspections and accompanied us during the inspection. He has a vast amount of contacts and could give you referrals to anyone you could imagine, and everyone I’ve worked with that was referred to by Daniel were absolutely amazing and extremely helpful. Daniel had helped me more than I could have imagined a real estate agent would do and I would HIGHLY recommend anyone looking to buy a house to contact Daniel Evenchen.” Read More ▾

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