5 Things you should do with an HOA when You Move or Change Ownership

Moving can be a tricky thing, especially when it comes to dealing with a Home Owners Association.  The following is a helpful article, Courtesy of The Management Trust, to help you avoid any road blocks and speed bumps along the way.






If you own a home and are a member of a homeowner’s association, there are things you may have to do before you can sell your home or relocate. All too often, people rush into buying homes that have homeowner’s associations. Without being careful, you could be in for some unpleasant surprises when the time comes to move. Five important things to keep in mind when moving or selling your home are highlighted below.

Let the HOA Know about Your Plans

The first step is to let the homeowner’s association know that you’re going to move. Out of all five things you should know about selling a home when a homeowner’s association is involved, this is the simplest and most practical one. Even if you’re merely thinking about moving, you should run it by the homeowner’s association. That way, you can find out precisely what you need to know well before the day actually arrives.

Watch Out for Home Inspection Reports

In real estate transactions, the buyer is usually responsible for arranging the appraisal and the inspection. However, sellers often have to do so as well when a homeowner’s association is involved. Your HOA may require a home inspection report to be generated before you will be allowed to sell your home. The association’s own representative will most likely perform the inspection to ensure everything is up to code. If repairs are needed, they must be completed before you can sell your home.

Ask about Fees for Moving

Did you know that HOAs sometimes charge fees to have a home transferred from one person to another? In some cases, a flat fee is charged. In others, the fee depends on the selling price of the house. If it’s based on a percentage of the home’s selling price, you can expect to pay half a percent to one percent of the total to the homeowner’s association. In addition to that, all of your dues must be paid in full before you can sell your home.

Let Prospective Buyers Know

Don’t try to conceal the fact that a homeowner’s association is involved when selling your home. Prospective buyers won’t take kindly to that at all. Be upfront about it. Besides, the sale has to be completed according to the organization’s terms, so the buyer might as well be kept in the loop from the very beginning.

Find Out if You’ll Need a Homeowner Resale Package

Some homeowner’s associations require sellers to provide buyers with homeowner resale packages. The organization should be able to supply you with this package, which you will then have to pass along to the buyer. This is the organization’s way of ensuring that the buyer is completely up to speed about the guidelines, rules, and dues that are involved. It’s a great way to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

As these five things you should know have demonstrated, special considerations need to be made when selling a house that is subject to homeowner’s association rules and guidelines. Keep these points in mind to ensure the smoothest process possible.

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