5 Ways Philly Can Help You with Your New Year’s Resolution

A new year means new goals for many of us!  Whether you’re trying to lose weight or want to get into the swing of volunteering, the following tips will show you that Philly can be a big part of your resolution game plan.


Looking to help others more? 
Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back, as well as open your mind to new experiences and people. There are tons of good causes that could use your time and/or donation; plenty are here in our own backyard for those looking to help locally! Project H.O.M.E., The Ronald McDonald House, and Manna are just a few of the many local charities that could benefit from some of your attention.


Want to be more Zen?
Life can get hectic. Traffic, deadlines, even a dropped call can sometimes cause us to explode in anger and frustration. If meditation, flexibility, and cleansing are your goals this year, we have a few spots in mind. Dhyana Yoga, Shanti Yoga Shala, and Philly Power Yoga are all great, local spots that can help you incorporate yoga’s benefits into your life.


Ready to get fit?
Whether you want to work out to lose weight or to feel better, getting started can be a little rough. The good news is that Philadelphia is a beautiful and challenging terrain for any and all levels. Take a walk on Kelly Drive, do some yoga in Washington Square West, or go biking along the Schuykill River Trail across town. You’ll be so fascinated by the view, you might even go an extra mile.
In the mood to try new things?
Stuck in a rut? Mix things up and try something new! With so many events and adventures happening here, there’s no way that you’ll ever find yourself bored again. Visit the Kimmel Center for a Broadway hit, explore the Art Museum for a creative spin, and head to the Society Hill Dance Academy for salsa lessons!



Did you resolve to eat more consciously?
Going to a mega-giant super market can be quick and convenient, but if you’re looking for organic and local items, you may not find what you’re looking for there. Farmers markets are a wonderful solution to this problem. You can find them in train stations, parks, and all over Center City and South Philadelphia. Reading Terminal, home to mouth-watering food, both local and handmade crafts, and wallet friendly prices, has been a Philly fave for years. Located at 12th and Arch Streets, bordering Chinatown and the Loft District, this extraordinary farmer’s market transports you into a gentler, aromatic reality where the Amish culture envelops you with its warm and welcoming atmosphere.


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