Affluent Home Owners Doing More DIY Projects


Affluent home owners are taking the DIY route more often. Studies show that 70% of affluent home owners took on DIY projects in the past year. Why is this? For one, even affluent homeowners are socking away more liquid cash. With the market going up and down, people are weary of investing too much, just to have it fall flat if the economy continues to spiral.

Small jobs and tasks

Small tasks seem to be the area that affluent home owners are experimenting with the most. Things like a leaky faucet or simple rewiring to get a light working are areas where many home owners feel comfortable trying their hand at. YouTube is a great resource for simple tasks like this, where you may have limited experience. Most of these issues can be fixed with some guidance, so don’t be afraid to use the web as your guide to see how to re-tile a bathroom. If you’ve never taken on any of these tasks yourself, you may feel like it’s impossible, but rest-assured nearly all of these things can be fixed with a little elbow grease and ingenuity. The best plan is to start with smaller jobs so you gain confidence in your handy-work. When you’re at the hardware store, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have an independent hardware store, most employees have worked there for a number of years and are more than happy to help out newbies who want to take on a few DIY projects.

Gardening and yard work

This is an area that many affluent home owners are also taking on. If you’re healthy and looking for some exercise, what better way to get that than mowing the lawn or raking leaves. For awhile there, affluent home owners employed people for these tasks, but more are making them part of their weekly chores versus bringing in someone else. The idea of slaving away in the hot sun may seem exhausting, but many people find yard work therapeutic. When taking on gardening and yard work, it’s smart to invest in the right tools to make the job easier. Check out gardening and yard work forums and websites for reviews on products that will make the tasks easier.

Home cleaning

Previously even stay-at-home moms in affluent families brought in a cleaning service, at least once a week. This left mom to tend to the kids or take care of other family duties, while the cleaning service did the dirty work like windows and the bathroom. To keep a large home in order, these chores must be done at least once a week, especially if you have kids. Home cleaning is an area where many affluent families are taking matters into their own hands. Many affluent moms are turning to all-natural ingredients for DIY household cleaners that get the job done without the chemicals of traditional cleaning products. These DIY cleaners are also incredibly affordable for all households, but for those with disposable income, it is more of an environmental and safety issue. Mommy blogs aim at affluent moms who are taking on home cleaning the more environmentally safe way.

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