Bella Vista: The Mike McCann Team’s Guide to Everything Great

If you didn’t know already, the Mike McCann Team absolutely loves Philadelphia! We want you to love this city just as much as we do so we are highlighting some of our favorite local hot spots in each neighborhood to help you thoroughly enjoy everything Philly has to offer. No matter how long you’ve lived here, whether you just re-located or have been a resident for decades, there’s always more to explore and uncover in Philadelphia’s endless supply of hidden treasures.

Bella Vista is a fantastic neighborhood, resting in a graceful balance between hustling-and-bustling business areas and quiet, residential neighborhoods. This combination results in a neighborhood that is both extremely convenient and super fun for both visitors and locals. With tons of shopping, restaurants and attractions, Bella Vista provides a perfect combination of comfort and excitement.


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The most notable attraction in Bella Vista is definitely the famous and historic TLA (Theatre of Living Arts). Along with a fascinating history (it was a movie house in its early years) the TLA churns out a constant supply of diverse musical performances, from radio hit-makers to lesser known but just as fabulous jazz musicians. The TLA is a great place to catch low key shows or discover up-and-coming musicians. We definitely recommend keeping an eye on their concert calendar. They offer an upstairs bar and seating area while the downstairs is one large room, so be prepped to be on your feet and have a unique up close and personal with the musicians.

Palumbo Playground, Starr Garden, Cianfrani Park and Seger Park all offer ample opportunities for family fun and relaxation to keep children and adults happy and active! We also absolutely recommend a trip to the famous Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens on South Street to experience an art infused break from the everyday in a mystical, mind-blowing, hand crafted mosaic environment. For just $7 for adults and less for students and children, visiting The Magic Gardens is an amazing way to spend an afternoon—and the artist Isaiah Zagar is often there working while you visit and is willing to answer any questions you may have!


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Bella Vista definitely meets The Mike McCann team’s high coffee standards. We love Chapterhouse Café and Gallery because of their friendly staff, quality menu and espresso foam works of art. Chapterhouse is a great place to hang out, view local art and if it’s your cup of tea, listen to some poetry reading. The Bean Exchange is another excellent Bella Vista coffee spot. The Bean Exchange prides itself on its rich history, going all the way back to 1754 (!) and perfected coffee blends.  Grab yourself a cup or a bag of beans to go for home. Trust us, Philly knows how to do coffee and Bella Vista is no exception.


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One of the unique features of Bella Vista is the convenience of local amenity shopping. Bella Vista residents will certainly agree that having WholeFoods, SuperFresh and other markets so close is fantastic. On top of these conveniences you also get the additional enjoyment of having both South Street and the Italian Market within walking distance. You have the best of home-grown, local goods and your favorite chocolate covered almonds or wasabi peas right in your backyard. Whether you are looking for local produce, groceries, clothing or specialty items, Bella Vista will deliver.


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Bella Vista is a tiny neighborhood with a lot of flavor packed into it. They seriously have something for any craving imaginable. Pizza lovers will have a happy stomach from Nomad Pizza and Lafourna Pizzeria (and they are BYOB with no corking fee every Tuesday and Friday). Percy Street BBQ serves up everyone’s guilty pleasures, from fried chicken to pecan pie. For a home style, mama’s kitchen feel, visit Morning Glory Diner for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Though we can’t even name all of our favorite Bella Vista spots we definitely want to give honorable mention to The Good King, Supper, Dante and Luigis, The Saloon, Fitzwater Café and Serpico. As you can see, you will have no trouble filling your belly in Bella Vista.


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One of our favorite bars in Bella Vista is the Royal Tavern. They have a down to earth atmosphere that just screams Philadelphia, great burgers, a friendly staff and a huge selection of vegan and vegetarian options. For an endless beer menu that is suitable for new beer drinkers and professional beer enthusiasts, check out Devil’s Den. The Devil’s den has a classy, spacious atmosphere and adorable outdoor seating. This spot is perfect for a first date, dinner with friends or just a random night when you’re craving a hoppy IPA. More of a wine drinker? Head over to the French inspired Good King Tavern and expand your wine pallet and amazing decadent dishes. There are plenty of bars to choose from in Bella Vista from super casual, neighborhood spots to shwanky upscale joints, so shop around and you will certainly find one that fits your style.

Now you know our favorite Bella Vista attractions, now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments or on Facebook why YOU love Bella Vista. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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