BridgeSet Sound: The Coolest Ukelele Shop in Town

One thing that never gets old about Philadelphia is the constant supply of new and interesting businesses. One new shop that has us really excited is BridgeSet Sound on South Street. Packed to the brim with ukuleles, maracas, drums and other exotic instruments, this storefront offers tons of musical fun for everyone. Owner, Steve Harner, was inspired to open BridgeSet by his longtime love and appreciation for all things musical. After studying music technology at Butler University in Indiana, Harner launched a company that served to allow access to music technology in schools. Later, with the help of his wife Thao, he opened the South Street location of BridgeSet Sound with a similar mission in mind, to provide the opportunity of learning and experiencing music to all residents of Philadelphia.

Harner hopes to establish BridgeSet Sound as a sort of cultural hub for all types of musicians in the city. He enjoys the excitement of running a business where no two days are alike and being able to connect with the people of Philadelphia. BridgeSet really strives to have an open door policy and a welcoming environment where people can come in, hang out, take music lessons, buy a new instrument or meet other musicians.

As far as what the future holds, the staff at BridgeSet has no clear cut direction just yet! They simply want to keep their doors open 7 days a week, sharing music with the community and keep doing what they do while allowing their business to grow. They operate off of a very simple motto at BridgeSet Sound, “Make noise. You’ll feel better.” Well, we just might! 

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