Cheers to Voting!

In tribute and support of the big day, our very own Yards Brewing Company is shelling out their legendary Ales of Revolution.  Finally, you’ll find George Washington’s Porter, Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale, and Poor Richard’s Spruce distributed all at once, amongst some of Philly’s finest and most famous bars and restaurants- from South Philadelphia to Center City.

These Founding Father inspired beers can be found at the following locations:

  • McGillin’s Olde Ale House
  • Khyber Pass Pub
  • POPE
  • Grey Lodge
  • Resurrection Ale House
  • Local 44
  • Memphis Taproom
  • Kite and Key
  • Jose Pistola’s
  • Varga Bar
  • Memphis Taproom
  • Resurrection Ale House
  • Brother Paul’s
  • Dawson Street Pub
  • Pub on Passyunk East
  • N. 3rd
  • And more!!!

Enjoy the crafty hops and remember to vote!


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