Chinatown in Philadelphia an Insiders Guide

If you have never explored Chinatown in Philadelphia, you are missing out on some phenomenal shopping, sights and food. Chinatown has a way of staying hip and current while maintaining deep cultural roots and a strong sense of community. We love walking through Chinatown and discovering new shops and restaurants – it’s always a fun adventure! Take a trip thorough Chinatown with us and see why we adore this neighborhood.


We love food and Chinatown has lots of it to offer!  Dim Sun Garden is our favorite place to munch on dumplings. They have a spectacular, family-oriented atmosphere and fantastic service. Heung Fa Chun Sweet House is a hidden gem, disguised as a hole in the wall, they unsuspectingly serve up delicious lo mien all day long. Ray’s Café and Teahouse is adorable and affordable. Whether you order lunch, dinner, tea or sweets, it is all top-notch. Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House is a Philly favorite that has perfected their food and service. They serve up soups and noodle dishes that will blow your mind. If you are hooked on ramen, head over to Terakawa Ramen for some out-of-this-world platters. Sang Kee Peking Duck House leaves most people raving over the quality of their food and, bonus, they’re open late for you night owls out there.  Penang is another favored spot because of their hearty and authentic Malaysian style dishes. Honestly, we could go on all day about the food selection in Chinatown but instead, how about you do some culinary exploring of your own and let us know your favorites! Get out there and grub away!


If you are eating out in Chinatown, make sure you save some room for dessert! You will be amazed by the assortment of bakeries in this area. Greenland Tea House has an endless dessert rack that will make your sweet-tooth explode! Bread Top House has buns, cakes and egg tarts that will make you mouth water. KC’s Pastries has just about every baked good you could ever imagine and more. They have a clear commitment to quality and freshness that is apparent in every single treat. Audabon Bakeshop is super cute and they specialize in chocolates and macaroons. They offer an exciting flavor selection that will leave you wanting more and more.


Chinatown is filled to the brim with fun and quirky shops. Asia Craft is a fun little gift and toy shop that has more Hello Kitty merchandise than you could ever need in this lifetime. Shanghai Bazaar is true to its name with tons and tons of products that make browsing the aisles just so much fun. The best thing to do while shopping in Chinatown is to just roam around aimlessly and pop into all of the different shops that you see. You will definitely have a great time looking at all of the artwork, crafts and products that Chinatown has to offer.


Chinatown is home to legendary Philly music venue The Trocadero. The Troc, as it is commonly referred to, is the go-to venue for rising stars, cheap movie nights and off-the-beaten-path events. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on their concert schedule or starting the work week off right at one of their Movie Monday events. You can also check out Yakitori Boy and Tango for some karaoke. Even if you, like many people, have a slight aversion to karaoke but we guarantee that if you give it a shot at these unique venues you will be laughing so hard your sides will hurt. Trust us, Chinatown knows how to get down.

Bubble Tea

If you have never tried bubble tea, you definitely need to because it is one of the tastiest drinks on this planet. Chinatown is packed with Tea Shops, each with a little different style and personality. Tea Do and Tea Magic are our personal favorites. Tea Do is a hip and funky spot with wild flavor and a youthful atmosphere. Tea Magic has excellent tea, a spacious atmosphere and an extensive dessert menu. That’s a winning combination in our book!

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as fun things to do in Chinatown! You know what we always say, get out there and explore it for yourself! Make sure you let us know about all of your cool finds.

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