Dining Out at Tony Luke’s

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the staff of the famed Philly sandwich spot, Tony Luke’s. Embodying the no-frills, what-you-see-is-what-you-get Philadelphia attitude and serving up all of our favorite classic comfort foods, Tony Luke’s is a perfect sample of the city’s distinct, one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The friendly and hardworking staff is willing to go above and beyond to please their guests and exceed all expectations. The love that Tony Luke’s has received from the Philly community has allowed them to grow into an international company. We spoke with Communications Manager, Dana Parker about the magic behind this phenomenal and inspirational restaurant.

The Style

The restaurant style is fast casual. Tony Luke’s doesn’t offer table service, but everything is cooked to order and wrapped up so you can take your food to-go easily or enjoy it at a table inside. The atmosphere is laid back with a focus on Tony Luke’s beginnings as a South Philly institution. It has a classic look with red and white checkerboard tile, stainless steel counters and plenty of neon signs.

The Food

Classic Italian sandwiches and Philadelphia cheesesteaks are at the core of the menu. Tony Luke’s also offers breakfast sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, cold hoagies and more. The most popular dishes are the roast pork sandwiches and our cheesesteaks. Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks use thin-cut, never chopped, 100% rib-eye steak grilled on a flattop, topped with a choice of cheese and served ‘wit’ fried onions or ‘witout’ onions. Tony Luke’s roast pork is slow roasted with a secret blend of herbs and spices. The result is juicy, garlicky pork which is sliced thin and served piled high and topped with au jus and sautéed broccoli rabe on a fresh baked roll. What makes Tony Luke’s sandwiches great are the family recipes, dedication to quality and sandwiches that are always cooked to order.

The Service

When your order is placed, we will ask your name and repeat the order back to you to make sure we got everything right. Tony Luke’s believes the customer comes first, so if a customer has an issue and lets a staff member know, they have the power to fix it on the spot.

Special Features

What sets Tony Luke’s apart is its commitment and dedication to the highest quality and best products. Tony Luke’s only uses the highest-grade chicken, beef and pork. Every sandwich is cooked to order to ensure the freshest and most delicious experience. The bread used for sandwiches is cooked in-house every morning and throughout the day so it’s never served stale.

The Tony Luke’s staff could not say enough good things about the people of Philadelphia and continuously expressed their gratitude for the role that the community has served in helping them succeed. They love the excitement of meeting the diverse group of guests that come through their doors regularly and feel that their friendly customer base absolutely shatters Philly’s rough and tough reputations. They have grown into an enormous business with over twenty locations which they humbly credited to their staff and supporters. Tony Luke’s is a combination of our two favorite things, quality food and success stories. We definitely look forward to watching this company grow and enjoying all of their amazing sandwiches.

Written by Patrick Kaisinger (Mike McCann Team Blogger Extraordinaire)

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