Dog Friendly Philadelphia!

Are you a dog lover? If so, you are definitely not alone! Philly‘s love for man’s best friend is apparent in the immense amount of dog-friendly resources we have available. Philadelphians go to such great lengths to please our pooches and pups, they’re absolutely our best friends. Here at The Mike McCann Team, we love our furballs so much we understand the impulse to spoil them rotten. If you are new to Philly, a new dog owner, or just an enthusiastic dog owner, we want you to know all about the fantastic dog culture in this city and the numerous ways Philly caters to our pups!

Dog Parks

Okay, let’s start with the basics. Where can you take your pups to run, play and socialize? Fortunately, you can find dog friendly parks in just about every neighborhood in Philly.  The Schuylkill River Dog Park in Fitler Square comes highly recommended due to its cleanliness, fun visitors and separate areas for big and small dogs. This is the perfect place to kick back while your dog plays and socializes-you might make friends too! Seger Park in Washington Square has spectacular scenery and is typically filled with tons of dogs for your pup to romp around with.  Seger Park also has a great playground which comes in handy if you have human children as well as fur babies. The Orianna Hill Dog Park in Northern Liberties is a well maintained spot for dogs and their owners to hang out and socialize.  Plus lots of NoLibs shops are dog friendly too! Clark Park in the University City/Spruce Hill neighborhood has a gigantic space to let your dog run around and exercise and you can’t forget the Manayunk dog park in Pretzel Park where owners relax while dogs of all sizes get their energy out and explore the rocks and grass. No matter where you are at in Philly, you are likely to find green spaces that cater to your fur babies!

Dog Dining

You know that feeling you get when you are ready for a night on the town but you just can’t bear to leave your pets behind? Good news, you don’t have to!! Philly has a great selection of bars and restaurants that don’t mind furry patrons. The Sabrina’s Café South Philly location is super dog friendly, offering outside dining and even providing water bowls for the pups. Spasso Italian Grill serves up top-notch Italian food and they do not mind dogs at all—this is the perfect place for when you are in the mood for an upscale meal with your pet. If you really want to class things up, you can head over to Parc for a dog friendly Stephen Starr meal that overlooks Rittenhouse Square. If you are looking for a dog-friendly bar, hit up Varga Bar in Washington Square for puppy friendly happy hours.  The list of restaurants, bars and cafes that accommodate dogs in this city goes on and on. Unfortunately, we have not yet found any restaurants that offer indoor seating for dogs, but we’re working on it!

Dog Travel

Have no fear Philly visitors, we have plenty of room for your little furballs. Though it may cost you an additional fee in some cases, there are a good amount of pet friendly lodging options in Philly. From the ultra-ritzy to the budget friendly, you won’t have a hard time finding a place for you and your pooch to stay. Sofitel, Sheraton Society Hill and Four Points by Sheraton are known for being super animal friendly and they don’t charge any extra fees for pets.

Dog Training

If your dog needs a lesson in manners, Philly’s got your back. The Philly Pack in Graduate Hospital is a pet shop, dog walking service and pet training combination with a huge variety of informative and successful classes. Stop in for some doggie yoga! Zoom Room Dog Training in NoLibs is a fabulous facility that offers creative training classes, an indoor dog park and all types of fun social events for dogs. You can even stop in for a Doggy Disco Party! Yes, that is a real thing. The Dog School in Center City is a Philly favorite, with an awesome staff and all day daycare services that include tons of walks and the best kind of puppy play that will leave your dog happily exhausted. The Dog School describes their facilities as dog heaven, and it really is! No matter what services your dog requires, we can guarantee you can find them in Philly.

Dog Shopping

Philly has an enormous supply of pet shops. Though we can’t name them all we would like to mention Doggie Style-with locations all over the city and the friendliest staff, huge selection of food, toys, leashes, collars, toys and even puppy clothes AND adoptable rescue animals in the windows, they are your one-stop-shop for your dog needs. Litterpaw Pet Supply in Washington Square and BoneJour in Old City also come highly recommended because of their excellent service and selection. Do a little poking around and you will surely fall in love with one of Philly’s awesome pet shops! And don’t be afraid to ask for help, the Philadelphia pet store staffers are super knowledgeable.

Dog Glamour

Philly has so many upscale dog grooming salons that, if you aren’t an animal-friend, you might think it’s weird. Good thing we get it! If your dog needs a trim, you won’t have to look far. The Pet Snobs Boutique is just about the trendiest place around, the staff is friendly, committed to customer service and they love dogs! What more could you ask for? Chez Bow Wow is also a dog grooming hot spot with kind and considerate groomers. Keep these wonderful salons in mind next time your pet needs a little pampering.

Dog Health

Of course, we all want to make sure our pets receive top notch medical care. Luckily, Philly has a plethora of high quality vets. Companion Pet Hospital definitely tops our list because of their genuine love and compassion towards animals. They provide, all around spectacular service that includes an open line of communication between doctors and pet owners. Spectacular! Center City Veterinary Hospital, World of Animals and the Society Hill Veterinary Hospital also have excellent reputations. Also, The Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center is a 24 hour animal emergency room. Though we hope we never need this service, it is good to know it is available.

Find your new family member!

If you are searching for a new member of your family, check out some of these local pet rescues! You can find some of the cutest most loyal and lovely creatures there. PAWS is a great shelter that has a huge selection of dogs and cats just waiting to come home with you. They also have volunteer and fostering positions available. The Pennsylvania SPCA is another wonderful adoption resource with plenty of dogs and cats in need of a new home. The PSPCA also offers many additional resources for pets and their owners. Morris Animal Refuge and Operation Ava are also both excellent resources. Check these places out; you might just end up saving a life and gaining a new family member.

Well, it is clear that we love our dogs here in Philly!! If you are a dog lover, share some of your excellent experiences and suggestions in the comments below or on Facebook. We want to hear from you!

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