Kid Friendly Philadelphia: Bring the Kids!

Here at The Mike McCann Team, we understand the stresses of keeping your children entertained. We are no strangers to that drawn out whine of, “I’m borrrrred.” We have scrambled, sweated and spent to keep our children entertained only to be rewarded by backseat bickering and pleas for McDonalds. Don’t get us wrong, we love our children more than anything, but we also understand the challenge of keeping them entertained. Fortunately, Philly has zillions of fun things to do with children and we have broken down out top 5, kid friendly pass times! Next time you hear that migraine inducing I’m bored whine, try one of these places and see if you can’t change your children’s tone and give yourself a reprieve as well!

5. Smith Playhouse is a great way to keep your children entertained on a budget. It is a 100% cost free, indoor and outdoor playground with an enormous slide and endless things to play with. You will definitely be in the running for greatest parent or caregiver ever after this trip!

4. Drexel University’s Academy of Natural Sciences is surprisingly kid-friendly while still having tons to entertain us grown-ups with. They offer live animal shows and an interactive children’s area. The enormous dinosaur skeletons and the surreal butterfly garden will delight both children and adults. With exhibits that are suitable for a wide range of ages, this is a great place to keep even those tricky tweens and teens entertained.

3. The Please Touch Museum is a children’s paradise. The museum is packed with art, exhibits, theaters and even an ornate carousel. Plus there’s no need to harp on your children to behave and watch them like a hawk so they don’t touch anything. You can let them cut loose and explore all of the hands-on, interactive exhibits! The Please Touch Museum has a lot to offer and they pride themselves on providing engaging environments were children can take part in play that is fun and educational and they’re doing a great job.

2. We really don’t have to tell you how amazing America’s First Zoo is, now do we? The Philadelphia Zoo is an entire day worth of fun with miles of wild animals, food, behind the scenes tours and the famous Zooballoon. The zoo is always changing and growing to engage visitors and keep their animals content – have you seen the tiger walkways yet?

1. The Franklin Institute is all around awesome and sneakily educational. Your children will learn tons without even realizing it! Tour the inside of a human heart, hang out in the planetarium, hop aboard and tour a real train, control and create your own machines or take part in one of Franklin Institute’s special events or featured exhibits. Kids and kids at heart will have a phenomenal time at The Franklin Institute.

These are just a few ways that we have found to keep our little ones entertained. Philly has a lot more to offer. Why don’t you tell us YOUR favorite ways to play?

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