Little Bats and Big Hearts

They play for FSA (the Fairmount Sports Association).  Their motto is “Everybody hits.”  And this season, the Peaches Little League Team worked their ponytails off all the way into the finals.

Last week marked a big moment for the Peaches as well as their coaches, Marco, Joey & Mike, as they faced off with the Storm, a fellow Fairmount Little League Team.  Pulling all the strength and focus that they had, the Peaches played their hearts out, and made sure that they had a hit every time they stepped up to the plate.  The little players, ages 6-10, were making it known: they weren’t going down without a fight.

Olivia Zimmerman, one of the newest players to hit the field, and daughter to our very own Melanie McConnell, made every inning count with her great team spirit and love of the game.  Being in the championship finals was extra special for this little girl since last year she was still blossoming into the little slugger that she is today.  Making it this far was not only new and exciting for her, but it was a chance to show off just how far she’s come.

Sadly, the Peaches lost to the Storm, keeping them from winning the championship game.  But ask any parent; had anyone walked past that field, they would have thought that the Peaches had won.  In fact, these little girls had more fun losing then any other team could have had winning.  It was a great game for everyone, but especially for this inspiring team.

And it’s with the kind efforts and unwavering dedication of the coaches and parents of the Peaches, that every practice, game, and hot dog was had.  They not only worked with the girls and taught them the rules and values of the game, but they also built their confidence.  FSA, which is a volunteer organization truly plays an amazing role in the lives of the Peaches and to all of Fairmount.

Play ball!!




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