Meet The Mike McCann Team: Michael Goldstein

The Mike McCann Team is very excited to welcome Michael Goldstein! His professionalism and passion for real estate are almost super-human and he is ready to take our Philly family by storm. Welcome aboard Mike Goldstein!

Personal History

I grew up in the Diamond Beach neighborhood of Cape May, New Jersey where my family owned and operated The Attache Oceanfront Motel. Growing up, I spent a lot of my time on the beach. I also played a lot of sports and worked in the motel. My family was very entrepreneurial and my grandmother started teaching me how to run the business when I was basically still just an infant.

A lot of my upbringing was shaped by my Grandma Rose. She was captured by the Nazis in Poland and escaped. She came over to the United States with nothing and started a chicken farm with her husband. Over the years, they saved up enough money, sold the farm and moved to Wildwood Crest to get into the motel business. She is definitely my biggest inspiration.

As far as my professional experience goes, I studied sports business at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. Cool fact: my senior internship was at The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glenda, Arizona.  I got there about three weeks before the Giants won the Super Bowl. I worked 22 hours that day and it was one of the best experiences of my life!

Eventually, I started dabbling in Real Estate personally. I quickly realized a lot of my business education transferred perfectly into this field and, well, here I am.

Why Real Estate? Why Philly?

I started my Real Estate career by buying and renting houses on my own. My Agent at the time saw how interested I was in her work and encouraged me to get my license. She even helped me break into the field! After that, I found that I loved helping people with their investments and I was on the right path.

I pride myself on being extremely responsive and I take great pride in not letting any of my clients over pay for their home. I’ve always been very progressive when it comes to trying new technology – there’s so much out there! I enjoy learning from the other successful agents around me and picking up parts of their business. It only takes small turns in your business to be wildly successful.

I love Philly because of all of the awesome food and all of the festivals and events here. I love the culture and history of this city. Everyone is so friendly and accepting. Philadelphia is smallest big city in the world. Everyone is at six degrees of separation away or less here and it’s awesome.

Off the Job

When I’m not working I play a lot of basketball. I also love cruising around the city on my scooter and checking out as many restaurants as possible. There are so many to choose from and I am always looking for a new spot to try out.

Traveling is my favorite thing to do. This past summer I was in Denver, Boulder, Chicago, Dewey Beach, Cape May, and Avalon. The best trip I ever took was an eight week adventure to South Africa to volunteer at the football foundation of South Africa. Great white shark diving near Seal Island was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

When I’m not working, I frequent Sixers home games, relax along the Schyukill river trail, and spend a lot of time with my family.

Success Tips

Slow and steady will always win the race. My grandmother always reminds me that Rome wasn’t built overnight. I didn’t always have this mentality, but now that I do, I am much better positioned to be successful.

I always stay positive and grateful. I have been through some hard times and always got through them by focusing on the abundance of good in my life. I always remember how grateful I am to wake up in the morning and that I have an amazing family that supports me one hundred percent.

Future Plans

I am excited to be a part of The Mike McCann Team and contribute wherever I can. I look forward to helping people buy, sell and invest. I want to continue to establish myself and grow in this field. I also hope to build up my own rental portfolio. I want to experience everything Philly has to offer and enjoy each and every day!

Michael’s combination of gratitude and passion make him an absolutely amazing Realtor. His drive, focus and enthusiasm are an inspiration to us all. We are happy to have you, Mike G.!

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