Northern Liberties: The Mike McCann Team’s Insider Guide

If you didn’t know already, the Mike McCann Team absolutely loves Philadelphia! We want you to love this city just as much as we do so we are highlighting some of our favorite local hot spots in each neighborhood to help you thoroughly enjoy everything Philly has to offer. No matter how long you’ve lived here, whether you just re-located or have been a resident for decades, there’s always more to explore and uncover in Philadelphia’s endless supply of hidden treasures.

Northern Liberties has long since shed its “up-and-coming” reputation and established itself as a social and cultural powerhouse. No Libs is a truly fun loving neighborhood with a youthful personality, offering a not-so-typical shopping experience, delicious cafes, a booming bar scene and a constant supply of cultural events. Whether you are planning to move in or just hang out for a while, take a look at some of our favorite places and then tell us about some of yours!

Northern Liberties has music!

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Though Northern Liberties is central to tons of music venues, there are a select few that residents really call their own. If you are into a rough-and-tumble type of vibe, No Libs has a few bare bones, Pabst Blue Ribbon serving joints that have constant shows featuring lesser known bands. For the most underground of all underground music head to The Fire to catch the next folk, rap, rock or metal star on the rise. For a venue that flaunts its ruggedness and hosts constant shows and events that have the potential to get absolutely, off the wall crazy fun, head over to The Barbary. If you want to go somewhere that has amazing acoustics, killer fries and a great scene, Johnny Brenda’s is for you. Johnny Brenda’s holds on to its dive bar feel while still serving excellent craft beers and delicious food. If you are looking for a venue that is classy and cool, stop by Ortlieb’s to experience one of the great jazz scenes in Philly. Also, you can’t forget the Piazza, where summer block parties with bands ranging from top 40 hit-makers to smaller local groups play throughout the year. Plus they show Philly sports games on their big screen outdoors too—it’s a super awesome place to walk your dog and hang out with friends!

NoLibs has Delicious Coffee!

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It has already been established that the Mike McCann team is absolutely obsessed with coffee. That being so, it is only natural that we scope out all of the best coffee shops in every neighborhood to which we venture! We are more than satisfied with the eclectic variation of coffee shops in Northern Liberties. Our favorites are definitely One Shot Cafe and Euphoria Cafe. We love the sophisticated menu and beautiful, roomy atmosphere at One Shot Cafe. Euphoria Cafe is absolutely awesome. Not only do they have killer coffee, but they also serve delicious smoothies and delicious pocket sandwiches!

Northern Liberties has restaurants galore!

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There’s no shortage of dining options in No Libs. From brunch to lunch to linner to dinner, this neighborhood has something for everyone at any time of day. Our favorite spots include The Foodery for tasty sandwiches and an amazing array of craft beer on the go. Dos Segundos is the perfect restaurant to fill up on a huge assortment of Mexican dishes, from extra delicious quesadillas to delightful fish tacos to goat burritos and a huge vegan menu! And their margaritas and mojitos are absolutely divine. If you are in the mood to get a little shwanky or impress your date, head over to Bar Ferdinand for some upscale tapas and sangria. Finally, North Bowl is a super fun bowling alley/bar/eatery totally worth checking out—but you’ve been warned, they get some crazy lines on weekend nights. There are so many more to try! Northern Liberites has a nearly endless supply of hip restaurants and cafes and more pop up every day.

Shopping in NoLibs!

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When it comes to all of the super cute galleries and boutiques in Northern Liberties, we can barely contain ourselves. Seriously, there are so many amazing stores!

When you’re in the area, take a stroll down Liberties Walk and checking out all of the artsy shops! They’re not your average Hallmark or name brand store. You will find uniquely fabulous items you’ll cherish forever in Northern Liberties. One of the best stores in No Libs is definitely Art Star which features tons of kitchey and fun local art. Swag boutique is an awesome spot to pick up a unique gift, stylish notebook set, fabulous t-shirt or a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Northern Liberties’ Happy Hour and Night Life!

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There’s seriously a book’s worth of amazing spots to eat, drink and be merry in Northern Liberties. If you’re looking for a spot to head out for a night evening drink, check out Jerry’s Bar for unique cocktails made with care by fabulous bar tenders, an awesome menu, great draft list and great people! Locals love Jerry’s, so you know it must be fabulous.

El Camino Real is just off of Liberties Walk and with the super cool décor, hip ambiance and delectable Tex-Mex food, you won’t regret stopping by. Whatever you do, do not miss out on their house salsa!

Do you like affordable cocktails? Craft beer galore? Dancing? Awesome music? No cover ever? Well you’ll love The 700 Club. The DJs mix eclectic music Sunday through Wednesday from 10pm to close and people of all ages dance the night away (full disclosure: it’s primarily the super cool 20-something crowd, although no one’s going to kick you out if you want to dance in a slightly sweaty room at any age!)  

Come on Down!

Well, you’ve heard why we love Northern Liberties so much, now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments or on Facebook why YOU love Northern Liberties. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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