PSA: Support Puerto Rico Rises

We have heard it said that Americans are “generous people with short attention spans.” Admittedly, we agree that we can sometimes fit this description.

For this reason, we have decided to take a time out from our usual news feed in order to deliver a special PSA!

The havoc wreaked on Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria has caused a dire humanitarian crisis that needs immediate attention. While the outpouring of support and volunteers has been tremendous and has certainly showcased the strength, generosity, and unity of the United States and society as a whole, more efforts are still needed!

We understand that it is easy to keep the needs of the individuals and areas impacted at the forefront of your attention during times of consistent and constant media attention and that it is equally as simple for these matters to slip away as coverage and attention dissipates.

Our call to action simply requests that you revisit the needs of those affected and offer support in any way that you can.

Members of The Mike McCann Team are currently working directly with the grass roots organization, Puerto Rico Rises in order to battle the current humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. The Mike McCann Team members will literally be hand delivering supplies to Puerto Rican communities. Any monetary donations will be used for air freight and stay for traveling volunteers, freight and transportation of donations, and supplies as shown on the list in the website’s donation page. Any inquiries about ways to support Puerto Rico Rises can be directed to R[email protected].

This matter is very close to our hearts and we hope that you take time to support this very worthy cause. Please watch the inspirational video below and consider donating or volunteering!


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