Queen Village: The Mike McCann Team’s Insider Guide to Everything Awesome

The Queen Village neighborhood is a nice little slice of Philadelphia. Tucked away from everything touristy and fast-paced, the area provides a relaxing, residential atmosphere. Its central location allows for access to all of the amazing things Philly has to offer while serving as a peaceful home base for locals. The neighborhood’s quiet appeal and sense of community has caused it to become an extremely coveted neighborhood for Philadelphia natives and transplants alike. Have a look at some of our favorite Queen Village attributes and then tell us some of yours!


You don’t have to look far for a good meal in Queen Village. The neighborhood offers tons of different cuisines that will make your stomach super happy.   First off, Alyan’s Restaurant is one of the best restaurants out there as far as The Mike McCann Team is concerned. We love hiding away in one of their dining rooms and enjoying fantastic Middle Eastern cuisine while chatting with the friendly owners and staff. Falafel sandwich and grape leaves forever please!  Then there’s Dmitri’s. The fact that there is always a line in front of Dmitri’s pretty much speaks for itself. This BYOB serves a spectacular array of Greek, Mediterranean and seafood dishes.  SouthWark has a hearty, home-style menu and an ecologically friendly mission statement. Fair warning, you will definitely leave this restaurant stuffed.  ELA has gained a lot of local hype due to their crispy-clean, modern atmosphere and elegant 4, 5 or 6 course menu options. Plus their cocktails are super tasty! Honestly, we could go on and on about all of the restaurants in Queen Village but we don’t want to ruin all the surprises. You won’t regret getting out and doing some culinary exploring of your own.


Thankfully, Queen Village meets The Mike McCann Team’s high coffee standards! The neighborhood has a plethora of high quality coffee shops, each with tons of personality.  The Philadelphia Java Company is a very popular neighborhood spot, serving up fresh coffee and delicious café food in a down-to-earth atmosphere with a welcome-to-the-neighborhood feel. They’re puppy friendly, so bring your pooch! Red Hook Coffee and Tea is another local favorite, featuring great vegan and vegetarian dishes! The staff at Red Hook really has fun with their menu, constantly creating new dishes that make each visit a pleasant surprise. Ox Coffee is a hip-and-happening café that hosts events and fundraisers regularly. Nothing like a little entertainment to go with your java!


Queen Village is certainly not designed for frat boys, ravers or party goers but it does offer a lot of different ways to have a good time. We recommend a visit to Prof. Ouch’s Bizarre Bazarr and Odditorium to check out the crazy cool oddities and thrift delights. If you are looking for something weird, unique, rare or collectible, you may just find it at Prof. Ouch’s.  With artwork, antiques, creepy merchandise and more, this shop is a lot of fun to browse and is bound to keep just about anyone entertained for a spell.  You also might want to consider unleashing your creative side at Painting with a Twist. Create your own artwork under the guidance of their experienced staff (so you’re sure to end up with something frame-worthy, enjoy tasty wine if you are so inclined and have a blast! Be sure to keep up on all of the wacky events happening in the South Street Headhouse District. With events like Vegfest, Phair, hotdog festivals and Easter promenades, the Headhouse District provides a fantastic way to have some low-cost fun.

Treat yourself

Hey, you’ve been working hard lately, haven’t you? Why not take a break to treat yourself a little bit at one of Queen Village’s salons. We recommend stopping in at Sanctuary on 2nd for a massage and then heading over to Juju Salon for a mani-pedi or a new hairstyle. You deserve it! Plus there’s nothing like the rejuvenated feeling after self-care to get you excited for the rest of summer.

Shop away

Here at the Mike McCann Team we never turn down the opportunity for some premium shopping and Queen Village has just that.  Wilbur: Vintage & Designer Clothing is a phenomenal little shop that offers tons of unique finds that will upgrade your wardrobe and make your friends jealous. Take a walk through and with the help of the super sweet staff you will surely find something that will make people ask, “Where did you get that?” Philly Aids Thrift is perfect for some prime thrift shopping (cue Macklemore). You can rock out with some awesome finds and donate to the Aids Fund at the same time! Bus Stop Boutique is Philadelphia’s holy land for shoe enthusiasts.  One can never have too many shoes, right?  You better get on your Queen Village shopping soon because there may not be any deal left after we get through with these shops!

Well Philly, now you know why we love this neighborhood, tell us why you do!

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