Rebuilding After Sandy: Tips for Renters and Home Owners

As Hurricane Sandy leaves our area, bit by bit, we can begin to return to our regularly scheduled program.  While most of us will never forget the news’ stories and damages left behind by the dark forces of nature, it’s safe to say that the worst is over.  But, now that the storm has finally passed, it’s important to remember to move forward but still keep safety at the forefront.

Whether you own or rent your home, the following are some helpful tips that could save you money, time, and from injury:


Inspect your home for damage.
First and foremost, make sure that the area is safe for you to inspect to begin with.  If you have any doubt, have a qualified building inspector or structural engineer take a look before taking the duty on yourself.  If you happen to spot any damage, take a picture, both of the building and its contents, for insurance purposes.  Doing this now, can save you lots of money, time, and frustration in the long run.

Do you see a fallen power line?
Make no mistake about it: power lines are not to be tampered with and should be avoided entirely as they could very easily still be energized and dangerous.  If you see a fallen power line, please stay away and call PECO at 1.800.454.4100.  Do not assume someone else has already called in.  Many people make this unfortunate mistake causing the problem to go unnoticed and unfixed.

Did you lose power?
If you had the grave misfortune of losing power during the storm and had to endure without it for even a few hours, remember to check your foods as they could have spoiled.  Even if food looks and smells normal, it may not be safe to eat.  After all, bacteria that causes food poisoning does not make food look differently. And, if the once refrigerated food has been above 40 degrees, for more than two hours, it’s best to simply throw it out.  And most importantly, do not taste the food to see if it is still good.

Have a furry friend who likes to be outdoors?
As much as you love letting your pet explore its wild side, after a storm makes for very dangerous territory for even the most cunning creature.  Especially if they are used to landmarks and scents, fallen and/or uprooted trees, broken branches, and the new environment may be profoundly confusing for their return.  Not to mention, snakes, insects, and other harmful animals tend to arise after a big storm.  Protect your pet indoors, for now at least.

Please be safe, friends!


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