Robin Hood Makes Old City Philadelphia Home

Robin Hood has come to Philadelphia and is prepared to knock your socks off in an amazing performance of cunning, courage, calamity and comedy!  Bring friends, family, and any children you can find who live in Old City, Philadelphia, to this action-packed play, produced by the Arden Theatre Company, directed by Matthew Decker and written by Greg Banks.  Complete with sword fighting, music, intrigue and disguise, you’ll be glad that the performances of this Robin Hood have been extended to continue through June 24th and are playing near your Old City home!

The Sherwood Forest themed shows will take place on the Arcadia Stage, located at 40 North 2nd Street, in Old City, and tickets begin at $16 for children and $30 for adults.  Special pricing is available through the Target 2 For 1 Family Series, and you can find out more and order your tickets today by clicking here.  Local Inquirer writer, Howard Shapiro rated the show as a “rollout of high-level theater aimed at kids.”  Shapiro urged families to go, saying, “This is a Robin Hood for times old and new….”  Showtimes are offered Tuesday through Sunday and both matinees and evening performances are still available for individuals and groups.  Don’t miss out on your chance to see Robin Hood win over Maid Marian in your home town!

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