Small Business Spotlight: Franklin Fountain

We recently spoke with the owners of The Franklin Fountain in Old City and our minds were absolutely blown by the amount of history and heart packed into this establishment. Eric and Ryan Berley opened Franklin Fountain after being inspired by the decorative interior of the retail space in an apartment building they had purchased for investment purposes. They both agreed that the unique space would be perfect to host an old timey ice cream parlor and thus, the vision of Franklin Fountain was born. The brothers represent a true Philadelphia success story. They set big goals, took big risks and continue to work extremely hard to achieve big dreams.

The Berley brothers pursued their vision relentlessly, jumping into the project with both feet. They started off by hitting the road to experience every ice cream and soda parlor possible and attending conferences tailored for ice cream shop owners. Eric even trained under an expert ice cream maker for several months before opening the shop. The brothers then charged forth, refurbishing the building and chopping through layers of red tape to get the business ready for opening day. Ten years after the initial opening, the Berley brothers are still hustling away; managing food, staff, finances and the added responsibilities of running their latest endeavor, Shane Confectionary.

Though the Berley Brothers have faced their fair share of challenges in running their business, they are grateful for the success of their company, the support they receive from the City of Philadelphia and, the opportunity to support their families and give back to the community.  Their future plans include expanding the retail space at Shane Confectionary, adding a string of new products and installing a hot chocolate bar. The story of Franklin Fountain and its miraculous growth is extremely inspirational and here at The Mike McCann team we are very grateful for their presence in Philadelphia. We definitely know where to go for handmade ice cream and unique treats!


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