Small Business Spotlight: Insomnia Cookies

Has anyone ever run into the tragic problem of being overcome by late night food cravings and finding nearly impossible to find a place that is still open to buy snacks in the dead of night? Admit it, we have all been there! Luckily, Insomnia Cookies has the perfect solution to this dilemma. They will serve delicious, hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven, gooey, melt-y, mouthwatering cookies all night long and even deliver them right to your door. Thanks to this miraculous, Philly-based business, you can now cure your late night hunger pangs in style.

If there is one thing about Insomnia Cookies that is better than their baked good, it is the inspirational success story that they provide. Hatched by CEO Seth Berkowitz in a University of Pennsylvania dorm room in 2003, this business has exploded into a successful company with 59 locations throughout the U.S. Born out of the simple concept of providing delicious goodies to late night patrons, this company has grown immensely. This is a true example of a dream becoming a reality and we love seeing dreams come true!

Insomnia Cookies focuses on keeping it simple in their day-to-day operations and it is clear that this is working for them. They strive to provide warm cookies in a welcoming environment and expand this warm and welcoming feeling throughout their organization. They love Philly and express a lot of gratitude for the support they received when originally hatching the company. Insomnia gives back as much as possible by donating cookies to local organizations and charitable events. They also hold in-house donation days in which they donate a portion of their sales to charitable causes.

The main focus of Insomnia Cookies is always about warm cookies and their customers. By keeping these things at the forefront of everything that they do, they have built a popular and successful company. We never knew that a love for warm cookies could go so far but we can’t wait to get our hands on some! Congratulations on your continued success Insomnia Cookies!

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