Society Hill: The Mike McCann Team’s Guide

Philadelphia’s Society Hill neighborhood is marked by cobblestone streets, 18th century architecture and a quaint, old fashioned charm that serves as a reminder of Philadelphia’s influential place in history. Though the neighborhood is highly residential and feels like it’s tucked away from the hustle-and-bustle city static, it is still packed full of fun events, culture and attractions. Society Hill is the ideal mix of a quiet, homey atmosphere and modern flair. This neighborhood is a perfect combination of all the awesome things Philadelphia has to offer. Check out some of our favorite features of Society Hill and then let us know what you love about Society Hill in the comments below (or facebook, or twitter, or wherever!).


Society Hill has seen periods of prosperity and decline, undergoing a series of metamorphoses influenced by architects, developers and citizens.  The result of all this change is an affluent area that has seen constant improvements and maintained its rich history. One must-see for history buffs is the Society Hill Synagogue. This architectural masterpiece, originally designed by Thomas U. Walter, was initially a Baptist church until it was transformed into a synagogue in 1912. St. Peter’s Church is a fantastic sample of 18th Century, mid-Georgian architecture and is accompanied by a cemetery that has interred famous war heroes and even several Native American Leaders. St. Peter’s Church has been phenomenally maintained and appears almost exactly as it did in the 1700’s. Of course, no trip to Society Hill would be complete without a stop at Independence National Historical Park. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed on this site and the park has many educational, historical attractions.


Society Hill has a diverse selection of restaurants from the grab-and-go, low cost joints to the break-out-the-formal-wear, fine dining options. Just about every type of cuisine imaginable is represented in this neighborhood so eating out in Society Hill never gets boring!

Las Bugambilias is our favorite local Mexican Restaurant. The atmosphere is comfortable and homey with cool decor. The menu is extensive, offering amazing guacamole, great margaritas and sangrias that pack a serious punch and a plethora of vegetarian options. The staff is very friendly and always available to answer questions and make suggestions. We suggest the veggie enchiladas!

We love Hot Diggity! They put a hot new spin on an old classic. These are NOT your ordinary hotdogs. Hot Diggity! jazzes up their dogs with tons of different toppings and constantly rotate their menu. The french fries are out of this world and the homemade sodas are definitely worth checking out. This place is as hip as a hotdog restaurant can get and absolutely delectable.

Brauhaus Schmitz is everyone’s favorite German bar and restaurant, serving up tons of different German beers in a positively rowdy atmosphere with an awesome staff. The food is delightful, authentic and very, very German. They have light, healthy options mixed in with heavy comfort foods and even include some vegan and gluten free options.

Many people here at McCann headquarters claim that Zahav is the best restaurant in Philly. We don’t want to start a heated debate but we will say they are worth visiting due to their masterfully prepared, eccentric entrees and cool, contemporary atmosphere.


As you know, The Mike McCann Team loves coffee and when we need our buzz in Society Hill we know exactly where to go.  The Bean Cafe is a South Street staple, offering a quiet, cozy atmosphere with tons of local art decorating the walls. With the ever-changing artwork, The Bean Cafe is almost like a mini gallery and is definitely a great place to bring a friend for a coffee date or bring a laptop for some coffee fueled productivity time. We also love Bodhi Coffee because of their clean, comfortable atmosphere and super strong coffee that will rocket you into overdrive.


Society Hill is not necessarily the neighborhood to visit if you are looking for wild-and-crazy nightlife. The area does not offer a huge selection of DJ sets and clubs but it is an excellent place to have a chilled out evening or day date. You could check out Eye’s Gallery or browse some contemporary art at Locks Gallery. The Society Hill Playhouse has a constant string of theatrical performances at very affordable prices, providing a theater experience without the hefty price tag. Stop into Fat Salmon for loads of tasty sushi under romantic lighting beforehand!

Penn’s Landing and, Philly’s newest edition, Spruce Street Harbor Park, offer romantic, fun environments to goof off or kick back. If you are lucky enough to snag one of the cozy hammocks at Harbor Park you might find yourself drifting the day away in a state blissful of relaxation.

One of the greatest attributes of Society Hill is Ed Bacon’s greenways, a winding path through the backstreets and alleys of Society Hill. This hidden trail offers wonderful scenery, leading you through tiny parks and pass notable architectural sites. Walking through this intricate maze is great for romantic strolls or soaking up some alone time.

Now you know why we love Society Hill! We’d love to hear why you do too. Let us know in the comments 🙂

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