Special Thanks from Mike McCann

From the Desk of Mike McCann

Dear Mike McCann Team and Mike McCann Team Clients,

In the busy, non-stop world of real estate, we find ourselves running full speed and working hard day in and day out. Breaks and downtime are infrequent or even unheard of, and as soon as we reach a goal, we immediately set a new one and pursue it full force. Now, while this driven nature has allowed the Mike McCann Team to continuously grow and reach new levels of success, I want to be sure to take a moment to step back, express my gratitude, acknowledge accomplishments and give credit where credit is due.

Please allow me to thank every single member of the Mike McCann Team, our amazing clients, and all of our close business associates. The month of April has been one of the most successful months in Mike McCann Team history with an astounding 117 settlements. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and immensely proud of every single person that has contributed to this accomplishment. I urge you all to take a moment to recognize yourselves and each other for this remarkable month. Once again, I thank our team, our associates and all of our clients. I am amazed by your motivation, dedication and loyalty and cannot give thanks enough!

Mike McCann

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