Sunday’s Open Houses!

Take a look at our list of Open Houses this Mother’s Day!  These fine properties truly embody the City of Philadelphia.   

Or take a peek at our updated list on our Open House page here.  You can even subscribe for weekly emails to let you know where and when we’ll be showing your potential dream home.  Remember, we have plenty of other homes to offer, and we’d love to discuss them.  Just call 215.627.6005 or email me at [email protected]



Happy Mother’s Day!


508 Lombard Street
811 Kater Street
545 N. 23rd Street
1705-07 Carpenter A + B Street
113 Naudain Street
609 Montrose Street (12:00-1:30)


1123 Kimball Street
800 N. Hancock 2 Street
417 S. 26th Street
338 S. 3rd Street
770 S. Dorrance Street (2:00-3:30)


505 S. 10th I Street
870 N Pennock B Street


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