The Top Questions You Should Ask When Viewing a Home

You’ve decided it’s time for a new home, and you’re ready to jump right into the house-hunting process. You’ve evaluated the factors associated with choosing a neighborhood and gathered your list of questions to ask a real estate agent, but what about actually viewing Philly houses? Are you prepared to navigate house showings? If you commit the following questions to memory, you will be!

Head into house showings and open houses with confidence by committing these home viewing questions to memory. As soon as you leave the house, you’ll have a clear picture of whether it is worth buying or not.

Questions to Ask as You Look at a House (Per Room)

Ask yourself and the real estate agent hosting the open house these questions as you view the home. We’ve broken the questions down per room for easier reference.


Kitchens are high-traffic areas in the home. It needs to look good and be highly functional. As you view a home, ask these important questions:

  • Which appliances are included in the sale, and how old are they? You’ll want to make sure the kitchen appliances are part of the sale because you don’t want to move in only to discover the refrigerator is missing. It’s also a good idea to inquire about the ages of each appliance, so you’ll know if they need to be replaced soon.
  • How does the kitchen look? It’s usually easy to spot an outdated kitchen, whether it has linoleum floors, printed wallpaper, or scratched cabinets and countertops. The important question to ask yourself is whether you are willing to invest in a renovation that could cost thousands of dollars.
  • Is the electrical wiring in good condition? Whether you’re a gourmet chef or live off ramen, you’ll need efficient electricity to support your habits. As you inspect the kitchen, check if the electrical outlets work properly. Ask about the last time the electricity was inspected.

Living Room

The living room will be where you spend most of your time. It’s here you’ll entertain guests, relax after a long day, and reconnect with family. For this reason, you’ll want to pay close attention to a few key details:

  • What type of flooring is installed, and what condition is it in? Does the living room have carpet, wood flooring, or tiles? Any of these options could be okay, as long as they are in good condition and you’re comfortable managing their maintenance. If the flooring is in poor condition, you’ll need to consider the costs of replacing it if you buy the home.
  • How is the lighting in the room? Take note of the number of windows in the room. Is there enough to provide the amount of natural light you’re comfortable with? While thinking about the windows, make sure they open correctly and don’t have a buildup of condensation, which is a sign of an issue that will need to be addressed.
  • Is there space for furniture? Imagine setting up your furniture in this living room. Would everything fit with plenty of room left over for walking around? It may be helpful to ask for the exact measurements of the living room so you can plan accordingly.


The bedroom you’re viewing could potentially become your future safe haven. Here, you’ll be able to be your true self and recharge for the new day ahead. For this reason, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the following factors:

  • What are the dimensions of the bedroom? Just like the living room, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of space for your current furniture and the furniture you hope to buy in the future. Can you set everything up how you would like with the space currently available? Ask if it’s okay for you to take your own measurements (you never want to rely on those on the listing sheet).
  • Does the bedroom have an efficient amount of electrical outlets and light switches? Consider how many outlets and switches are in each room. Will you be able to safely plug everything you need into the outlets without using extension cords? Also, be sure to take note of whether the light switches control any outlets in the room.


You will start and end your day in the bathroom, so make sure it’s up to snuff with these questions:

  • Are the toilets, sinks, and showers fully functional? A problem with these plumbing fixtures could indicate larger issues, such as water damage somewhere in the house. Make sure you ask about the age of each fixture, so you’ll know whether you’ll need to plan for a replacement.
  • How is the water pressure? Does the shower provide a steady, powerful stream of water? If it trickles or produces an inadequate amount of water, this could be a sign of old pipes or a waterline blockage.

The Home’s Exterior

Don’t forget to ask about the home’s exterior as you view a home for sale. If you buy the house, you’ll be responsible for any repairs or replacements that are required. Ask these questions:

  • How big is the yard, and would you be willing to maintain it?
  • Is there a fence? What condition is it in?
  • What type of roof is on the house, and how old is it?
  • What is the state of the home’s siding? What materials were used?

General House Questions

Now that you’ve evaluated the house room by room, it’s time to ask some general questions about the house as a whole. For example:

  • How old is the heating and cooling system?
  • When was the last time the HVAC system and plumbing were professionally inspected?
  • Are there any new additions on the house?
  • When was the last time renovations were completed?

The Mike McCann Team Can Help You Ask the Right Questions

Starting the homebuying journey can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming when you try to navigate it alone. Instead of stressing, turn to The Mike McCann Team. Our real estate experts can help you know exactly what you need to ask when viewing a home based on your particular needs and preferences. Whether you’re interested in houses for sale in Fairmount or condos for sale in Center City, Philadelphia, we can connect you with your dream home. Contact our team today to start exploring houses on the market.

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