Philadelphia is a fabulously walk-able city. Although we may not have the Metro that DC does or the subway of New York, we do have gorgeous paths, guided tours, urban walking directions and a city that is perfect for exploring by foot! Spring seems to finally be here  and what better way to fall back in love with Philadelphia than to adventure in it??

Here are 6 of The Mike McCann Team’s suggestions for ways to venture outdoors this spring:

1) The Schuylkill River Trail is 10 miles long and a beautiful place to walk, run, bike, roller blade, or skip through the city. Many Philadelphians are familiar with the stretch of the trail that runs by the Boathouses next to Kelly Drive, but did you know that this trail goes even further? If you’re feeling ambitious, you can follow this path all the way from the Art Museum through the Manayunk tow path or even towards Valley Forge!

2) Have you ever gone geo-caching? Well it’s about time you did! It’s incredibly simple and super fun. You just visit their website, type in your location and pick the place and hidden object you want to find to wander on a Philadelphia geocache adventure. It’s a grown-up and kid-friendly, real-life treasure hunt. Plus, you never know what you’ll find!

3) The beloved Kelly Drive 8-mile loop is a Philadelphia staple. The path takes you past gorgeous greenery, budding spring trees and of course, geese! And don’t worry—you don’t have to go all 8 miles. You can always walk a little bit, curl up under a tree with a book or picnic, and just enjoy the gorgeous spring flowers. Mike McCann Team Tip: Be careful—many parking spots here are only 2 hours. And they will give you a ticket! So make sure you read the signs!

4) Wissahickon Valley Park Trail, or The Forbidden Drive, is part of the 9,200 acre Fairmount Park (one of the largest city parks in the world!). The wide gravel road got its name in 1920 when cars were banned from it. This is a great place to ride your bike, walk your dog or explore with your friends and family. There’s room for everyone on this path!

5) Have you noticed circular signs popping up around the city? Ever stopped to take a good look at them? You should! The signs are the stars of Center City’s Walk!Philadelphia movement. Designed to help visitors get around the city, these diskmaps are fabulous for residents as well. Have a tourist-inspired day and wander around the historic and gorgeous streets of Center City!

6) We’re crushing on Philadelphia City Walk cards. Each card in the deck takes you on a unique on-foot adventure through the city. It’s the perfect way to spend a beautiful spring day! Plus you don’t have to plan anything, which means there’s no reason NOT go on a walking adventure!

It’s undeniable; Philadelphia is gorgeous in the spring. Whether you venture out to Rittenhouse Square, the Art Museum area, Manayunk, South Philly or Northern Liberties, you’ll have a great time! Let us know what your favorite place to enjoy spring in Philly is–and enjoy the long-awaited warm weather!!

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