What Is the Average Utility Bill in Philadelphia?

The average utility bill in Philadelphia is just about $350 – $400. This bill cost is for a family of four whose utility bills includes heating, electricity, internet, cable TV, and water. The price of a utility bill does vary depending on various factors, including the number of people living in the place, number and types of appliances, and personal preferences. In comparison to other major US cities, Philadelphia’s costs are much less expensive. If you are looking to buy a home in Philadelphia, The Mike McCann Team is here to offer their realty expertise on the Philly area.

Multiple Factors That Play Into Your Bill

There is no equation that can assure you a definitive price for utilities every month, but you can factor in elements to help you determine the cost. It’s essential to find out if the house has only electric or gas, and the type of heating/cooling system it has — for example, window units or central air. Newer HVAC systems are more efficient than older ones, so the bills will be lower for units with systems that are more up to date.

The cost of a utility bill heavily depends on the size of the space as well. The greater the square footage of the home, the more lights and AC/heating is needed for the space. If more people are living in the space, the utility bill will be higher as well. More people using appliances and utilizing the area will definitely increase your utilities bill.

Most Expensive Utilities


The power in your home will be the most expensive factor in your utility bill. The electricity powers various elements in your home, including the heating, air conditioning, lights, electronics like the TV, your fridge, washer and dryer, and many others. Electricity is a necessity, so it is beneficial to identify where the costs of this bill is going.

Cable TV and Internet

Cable TV and Internet access is another huge component of a utility bill. The cost of cable TV can be up to a hundred dollars a month, not to mention the internet, which can be about fifty dollars. Staying connected comes with a cost, and it is important to acknowledge the price you are paying for your screen time.

Personal Preferences

Your personal preferences of how you like to live in your space play a significant component in the cost of your utility bills. If you are someone who can’t stand the heat, odds are you like to have your AC blasting. If you are someone who wants to keep their house bright, keeping the lights on the majority of the day will be sure to run up your electric bill. And if you’re someone who enjoys long showers, your water bill will be much more than someone who takes a quick 5-minute shower each day. Personal quirks like these can affect your utility bills, so consider your personal liking.

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