When Spirits Were a Little Too High: The Exhibit on Prohibition Pours into Philly

The National Constitution Center has brought us yet another roaring blast from the past!

From the intoxicating fun of the late 1800’s to the rising of the temperance movement in the early 1900’s to the happy days of repeal, “American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition” is an exhibit that didn’t miss one fox trotting step! History at its funnest and finest, it’s a lesson that all ages will enjoy and remember.

While there, you’ll discover why America chose to go the “dry” route and have a chance to dress and dance like a true flapper, all while you delve into the risky world of bootleggers and temperance workers. The fun films, photos, advertisements, music, and multimedia exhibits will transport you to another time and have you questioning what the term “normal” meant back then.

This Valentine’s Day, from 5:30-8:30pm, stop by for a romantic treat! For this night and this night only, the exhibit will feature live music and cabaret. Whether you have a dancing partner or are flying solo, you’ll have the chic opportunity to be photographed, dine and drink from an elaborate and exquisite menu, and even partake in Love Stout and Brawler, beers by Philly’s own Yards Brewing Company.

To see the action for yourself, visit The National Constitution Center, located at 525 Arch Street (in Old City) or click HERE for more information.

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