100 Things to do in Philadelphia

It is no secret that we absolutely love The City of Philadelphia. One of the best things about Philly is that there is never a shortage of new things to experience and new destinations to explore. We put together a list of our top 100 favorite things to in Philadelphia because we want everyone, visitors, transplants, and natives, to enjoy everything that makes our city so special and amazing. Check out our list and we think you will see that there is an endless supply of fun to be had in Philly and there is no excuse for saying that you have nothing to do! Now get out there and live it up in “The City of Brotherly Love.”

  1. See some of our Phenomenal Public Art

Philadelphia is something of a living art museum with countless installations throughout the city. You don’t need a ticket to see some fascinating and larger than life art in Philly.

  1. Dine in a Cat Cafe

Somewhat new to our city and inspired by Japanese culture, Philly offers multiple cat cafes that allow you to dine with some adorable kitties and, if you end up making a friend, you even have the option of taking one home through an adoption platform. Head over to Le Cat Cafe or Kawaii Kitty Cafe to meet some new furry friends.

  1. Go Bowling!

If you are ever struggling to find something to do in Philly, Bowling is a great option. Philly has plenty of options for this classic activity including Lucky Strike, South Bowl, North Bowl, and more!

  1. Improv!

Philly Improv Theater is guaranteed to help you loosen up and get you laughing. Luckily, there is an enormous selection of Improv Spots in Philly to get you giggling and help you destress.

  1. The Edgar Allan Poe House

If you want to visit an exciting and uncommon attraction, visit The Edgar Allan Poe House and experience a bit of Philly’s literary history.

  1. Explore Fitler Square

The Fitler Square neighborhood is one of the best kept secrets in Philadelphia. Take a stroll through this sophisticated, scenic, and relaxing community, take in the spectacular views and sample the phenomenal local fare.

  1. Festivals

Philadelphia has a huge selection of amazing festivals to choose from throughout the year. Look out for Film Festivals, Music Festivals, and more!

  1. Visit Morris Arboretum

The Morris Arboretum is a fantastic educational resource with spectacular plant collections, sophisticated lectures and events, and class-A exhibits.

  1. Comedy

Philly has a very influential history in the world of comedy and it is more than worth your while to check out one of our local comedy clubs. This is a great way to spice up your date night or raise your spirits through side splitting laughter.

  1. Explore the Callowhill Neighborhood

The Callowhill neighborhood is a hidden gem with lots to see and do. Do not make the mistake of overlooking this understated area. As an added bonus, this neighborhood was also the inspiration for David Lynch’s cult classic film, Eraserhead.

  1. Check out the Moshulu!

One of Philly’s most delightful and iconic sights is the gorgeous Moshulu. Be sure to view this elegant floating restaurant and, if you have the time, walk around to the pier behind it for a splendid view of the skyline.

  1. Go on a Spooky Ghost Tour

With its extensive history, Philadelphia has its fair share of spooky attractions. If you feel like having a scary and slightly kitschy night out, check out one of Philly’s frightening ghost tours.

  1. Take Some Cooking Classes

Participating in cooking classes and workshops will allow you to be healthier, create more masterful and flavorful dishes at home, and allows you to meet new people that share a passion for culinary arts. We recommend checking out COOK and learning how to create restaurant quality meals in your own home.

  1. Plan a Weekend Getaway!

There are many phenomenal attractions surrounding Philly. If you need a break from the city or just want to get out and add some variety to your life, check out some of these weekend getaways!

  1. Visit a Speakeasy

If you are looking for a super cool atmosphere, try out Vesper and see if they have any hidden secrets that are worth exploring.

  1. Explore Graduate Square

Graduate Square is a classy and low-key neighborhood that absolutely deserves a visit. Be sure to have a look around this popular local destination.

  1. Enjoy the Views

We have said it before and we will say it again, Philly is a beautiful place! Check out some of these amazing views and take in the splendor of our city!

  1. Try Some of our Escape Rooms

If you are looking for some group excitement, try one of Philly’s many escape rooms and test your wits!

  1. Parks!

From hidden pocket parks to sprawling expanses, Philly has amazing parks! Philadelphia has a plethora of green spaces to take advantage of and with such a wide selection on parks to choose from, you will never be short of leisure and recreation destinations.

  1. Historical Tours

As we all know, Philadelphia has a rich and important history. Be sure to take advantage of the many historical tours available in Philadelphia’s Historic District.

  1. Roller Derby

The hard-hitting women of Philly Roller Derby offer an astounding experience that is bizarre, entertaining, and impressive.

  1. Explore University City

University City is young, hip, and exciting. You definitely want to cruise around this neighborhood and explore all the food, fun, and educational attractions that this collegial hub has to offer.

  1. Get Artsy

Explore your creative side by taking an art class with The Fleisher Art Memorial!

  1. Go for a Bike Ride

For all of our bicycle enthusiasts in Philadelphia, we highly recommend taking a ride through the city, checking out the Schuylkill River Trail, heading across the Ben Franklin Bridge walkway, and cruising through some of our amazing parks! Also, if you want to ride with purpose, get in touch with one of our favorite local charities, Bike and Build!

  1. Explore Northern Liberties

The hip energy and creative atmosphere of Northern Liberties creates an alluring environment that offers delicious dining, fascinating shopping, and an extremely enjoyable nightlife.

  1. Eat Some Junk Food

One thing that Philadelphians pride themselves on is our delicious, hearty, and flavorful dining options. Be sure to taste some of our local fare! We recommend starting at Tony Luke’s to get a true taste of Philly!

  1. Get a Makeover

When it comes to getting pretty, Philadelphia has an amazing selection of professionals, salons, spas, and shops to choose from. Visit our friends at Mirror and Mantel and Architeqt Salon, and also be sure to go shopping for some exceptional cosmetics.

  1. Play!

If you want to make some friends and play some sports, Philadelphia Sports Network is definitely the place for you! This amazing organization helps adults in Philly to be more active, healthy, and social.

  1. Explore Society Hill

The Society Hill neighborhood is one of the most beautiful areas in Philadelphia, showcased by historic architecture, and featuring a plentiful supply of attractions, restaurants, and coffee shops.

  1. Explore Manayunk

Manayunk is primarily known for its colorful nightlife but it has so much more to offer. The Manayunk community has exquisite shopping options, a great restaurant scene, a plethora of luxurious spas, as well as endless scenic and architectural beauty.

  1. Flea Market Shopping

Phila Flea Markets is your go to source for all the wonderful flea market shopping options in Philadelphia!

  1. Enjoy the Nightlife!

It is no secret that Philadelphia has a fun and flourishing nightlife. Visit some of our favorite spots and get ready for a real good Time.

  1. Visit Bartram’s Garden

If you want to view a Philadelphia treasure that is both breathtakingly beautiful and educational, check out Bartram’s Garden!

  1. Yoga and Meditation

If you need some time to stretch, reflect, and get some peace and serenity in your life, Philly has you covered with some amazing yoga and meditation studios.

  1. Munch on Some Food Truck Grub

If you are trying to grab a quick meal on the go or want to try some truly unique fare, lunch trucks in Philly will absolutely deliver. There are no shortage of trucks offering an extremely diverse range of cuisines and treats.

  1. Get Healthy!

Philadelphia has no shortage of gyms, studios, and personal trainers, offering a plethora of fitness options to help you stay healthy and reach your personal fitness goals. There is even a great selection of unique classes to try out!

  1. The Institute of Contemporary Art

If you are seeking a museum experience that is far from the norm, The Institute of Contemporary Art is guaranteed to excite your curiosity and dazzle your senses. Be sure to check out all the amazing events and exhibits at ICA!

  1. Eat Some Treats

If you are a dessert lover, you are in luck because Philly definitely has a sweet tooth! You won’t have to look far for a quality ice cream, baked goods, and gelato. Some of our personal favorites are Franklin Fountain and Whipped Bakeshop.

  1. Go for a Run!

There are a great deal of scenic paths and trails in Philadelphia for running, jogging, and walking. Get off the treadmill and head outside to check out one of these incredible running trails.

  1. Visit Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park is a gorgeous green oasis with spectacular attractions, wonderful athletic spaces, and endless opportunities for family fun!

  1. Visit the Blue Cross RiverRink

The Blue Cross RiverRink has fun activities year round including summer fun and exciting winter events!

  1. Boathouse Row and Fairmount Water Works

Whether you are a local or a visitor, you can’t deny the calming splendor of Boathouse Row and nearby Fairmount Water Works. Be sure to take a gander at these iconic Philadelphia sights.

  1. Visit Adventure Aquarium

There is a great deal of excitement going on at Adventure Aquarium, with enchanting sea life, adorable events, and outstanding behind the scenes experiences!

  1. Puppies!

In Philly, we love our puppies! Check out some of these excellent dog-friendly destinations and share some special memories with your fur babies!

  1. Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

Did you know that there is a wondrous Japanese house and garden hidden away in west Fairmount Park? Well, now you do! Head over to the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden for some overwhelming beauty!

  1. Explore East Falls

This tucked away neighborhood has endless charm and beauty to offer. Be sure to take in the scenery, architecture, and small town charm of East Falls.

  1. Family Fun

There are numerous great family-friendly destinations and activities in Philadelphia! Check out these kid-friendly attractions!

  1. Treat Yourself!

There is no shortage of amazing spas in Philly. Check out our friends at Terme Di Aroma for an amazing holistic experience!

  1. The Please Touch Museum

If you are looking for an extremely enjoyable, family-friendly museum that will delight your little ones, go to The Please Touch Museum for an out this world experience!

  1. Explore Chinatown

The one-of-a-kind Chinatown neighborhood offers mind-blowing dining, extraordinary shopping, and outstanding nightlife destinations.

  1. Visit The Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo is an epic experience with awe-inspiring wildlife and an exceptional selection of exhibits and events.

  1. Federal Donuts

Federal Donuts is a top-notch, one-of-a-kind, Philly favorite. They have remarkable fried chicken and mind-blowing donuts with incredible flavor combinations. There is a reason Philly loves Federal Donuts and after one taste of their scrumptious food, you will to.

  1. Go to the Theatre!

Philadelphia has a very rich theatre scene. We urge you all to take advantage of the numerous productions going on in our city at our many theatrical venues. Be sure to check out our guide to theatre in Philadelphia and make sure to visit our nation’s oldest theatre, Walnut Street Theater.

  1. Dream Garden

The Dream Garden by Maxfield Frederick Parrish can be found in the lobby of the Curtis Building at 6th and Walnut street. This enchanting and priceless mosaic is a visual delight that should not be passed up.

  1. Have a Meal with Miss Rachel

One of our favorite places to grab a meal in Philly is at Miss Rachel’s Pantry. We adore Miss Rachel as well as her amazing vegan dishes. Even if you do not have a vegan diet, Miss Rachel’s cooking is still guaranteed to wow your palate.

  1. Explore South Philly

South Philly is a vibrant community with unending culinary options, a down-to-earth-atmosphere, and a whopping supply of one-of-a-kind shopping districts.

  1. See What’s Happening with R5 Productions

Philly’s Favorite DIY production company offers an endless supply of shows in numerous venues throughout Philadelphia. R5 productions is a staple of the Philadelphia Music scene that is appreciated thoroughly by Philly music fans. Their venues, Boot and Saddle and Union Transfer, among others, have been very welcome contributions to Philadelphia entertainment in recent years.

  1. Attend an Event at The Painted Bride Art Center

This beautifully mosaiced venue offers a wide selection of cultural events, exhibitions, programs, and theatrical productions. The Painted Bride Art Center is a great spot to take in some of our city’s culture in a beautiful setting.

  1. Get a cup of some AMAZING Coffee

If you want to find a good cup of coffee in Philadelphia, the only problem that you will encounter is experiencing too many options. In fact, the options are so plentiful that we recommend using this crafty map to help with your selection. Seriously, there are so many great coffee shops to explore that we can’t even begin to narrow down our favorites.

  1. Sports!

One brilliant and convenient aspect of Philadelphia is our Sports Complex. You can experience all of the amazing Philly sports teams as well as an endless collection of concerts and events all in one place. Be sure to keep an eye on the schedules for the Wells Fargo Center, Lincoln Financial Field, and Citizens Bank Park.

  1. Antique Shopping

If you are a fan of antique and vintage goods, head over to Antique Row or shop at the many vintage goods shop throughout Philly. We highly recommend our pal’s at Keys to the Attic!

  1. Do Some Climbing at Philadelphia Rock Gyms

If you are an avid rock climber, have an adventurous spirit, or are looking for new ways to spice up your fitness routine, check out Philadelphia Rock Gyms. Whether you are an advanced climber or a first timer their amazing staff will assist you to have an exciting and invigorating experience.

  1. Experience Some Live Music!

The Philly music scene is really a wonderful thing no matter what kind of music you enjoy. From jam bands to orchestras, Philly has it all. Explore some of these excellent venues!

  1. First Fridays!

The first Friday of the month in Philadelphia is a truly wondrous experience. Come out and experience all the exceptional art exhibitions, food and drink specials, and gallery tours throughout the city. First Fridays in Philly are awesome!

  1. The Delaware River Waterfront

There are endless sights and attractions along the enchanting banks of the Delaware River. Tour Penn’s landing, peruse museums and historical attractions, enjoy the views, check out The Spruce Street Harbor Park and so much more.

  1. Explore Bella Vista

Bella Vista is a perfect community that blends the classic charm of Philadelphia with a youthful spirit. Home to the Italian Market and many other famed Philly destinations, this area is a great place to experience the genuine feel of Philadelphia.

  1. Volunteer or Support a Local Charity

Philly has a great deal of heart and we are constantly astonished by the amount of charity and service that we see on a daily basis, as well as all of the inspiring stories we hear about organizations, companies, and individuals who are fighting to make our community a better place. Be sure to look into supporting some of these amazing organizations: Mighty Writers, United by Blue, Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia, Philly Aids Thrift, and Manna.

  1. Eat a Philly Taco

Philadelphia has a lot of amazing food. If you want to try something really outrageous and really delicious, try a Philly Taco! This is one over the top meal that is definitely not considered healthy or balanced but will certainly be memorable!

  1. Barcade

You really can’t beat the nostalgic enjoyment of Barcade. As far as low-key nightlife spots go in Philadelphia, the Barcade is one of our top favorites. They have cool people, a great selection of tasty brews, and awesome classic video game cabinets. Seriously, what’s not to like?

  1. SugarHouse Casino

If you want to partake in some food, drinks, fun and entertainment, you can find it all at Sugarhouse Casino!

  1. Ask a Local

If you are visiting Philly and want to know where all of the overlooked attractions, hidden gems, secret foodie finds, and cool nightlife spots are in Philadelphia, you can find them by simply chatting up a local. Don’t believe the nonsense about Philadelphians not being friendly. As long as you don’t bother us while we are rushing about, we are happy to share some of our favorite finds with visitors.

  1. Explore Fishtown  

Fishtown is a neighborhood unlike any other! Restaurants, bars, and shops in Fishtown all have their own unique style and the youthful energy of the neighborhood creates an upbeat atmosphere.

  1. Take a Mural Tour

Take a tour of “the world’s largest art gallery” with Mural Arts Philadelphia. Our city has an amazing selection of gorgeous murals and a trip to Philly is not complete without a tour of these amazing works of art.

  1. Shop Local

Philly has a spectacular selection of locally-owned small businesses to choose from! Here are a few of our favorites: Urban Jungle,  The Little Apple, and Ocassionette.

  1. Stroll down Ed Bacon’s Greenways

We can’t tell you how overlooked this amazing section of pathways is in Society Hill. This overlooked gem will allow you to see many highlights of this historic neighborhood through a brilliant perspective. Be sure to take some time to take in this one-of-a-kind Philly attraction!

  1. Explore Old City

If you are looking for outstanding attractions, world-class dining, a unique shopping experience, amazing community events, and a diverse nightlife, get yourself down to Old City and explore!

  1. Time Travel

City Tavern offers a dining experience that will make you feel like you have time travelled to colonial America.  Chef Walter Staib, host of the Emmy-award winning historical cooking show, A Taste of History, has created an authentic and accurate reconstruction of City Tavern, painstakingly designing the menu, decor and even the wait staff clothing, in order to establish an atmosphere and experience that reflects 18th century Philadelphia.

  1. Dine Out!

Philly has plenty of tasty restaurants to choose from. Check out some of our favorite local spots: Front Street Cafe,  Rex 1516,  Square Pie, P.S. and Co., and Franky Bradley’s.

  1. Elfreth’s Alley

Elfreth’s Alley is “our nation’s oldest residential street” and offers a great deal of historical attractions and educational resources. This tiny slice of history is a great way to peer into Philadelphia’s iconic past.

  1. Run up the Rocky Steps!

Go ahead! Be super touristy! We all love Rocky Balboa and there is no excuse not to visit the iconic Art Museum steps, run up them and shadow box like you are ready to become the next world champion!  After you are done visiting the Rocky statue and get all of those theatrics out of your system, you can explore the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the beautiful landscape and gardens surrounding it, as well as the thriving Fairmount neighborhood.

  1. Visit Paines Skatepark

Whether you are a skater, blader, biker or just an appreciator of extreme sports, there is plenty of fun and entertainment to be had at Paines Skatepark. This amazing public park stands as a tribute to Philadelphia’s important role in extreme sport history.

  1. Walk down the Ben Franklin Parkway

The Benjamin Franklin Parkway truly captures the inspiring aesthetic and energy of Philadelphia. Be sure to take a stroll or a ride down this famous street and take in the sheer brilliance of the most beautiful roadway in the world! Also, The Ben Franklin Parkway is THE place to kick off your summer in Philadelphia.

  1. Explore Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse Square is one of Philly’s most scenic and luxurious neighborhoods. Be sure to explore all the amazing scenery, architecture, restaurants, and shopping destinations in this area.

  1. Take a stroll down South Street.

Whether you are visiting our fair city or have lived here forever, there is always something to experience on South Street. This famous Philly destination has a plethora of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and quirky sights. It truly offers something for every taste.

  1. Go to The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

This epic museum features unique exhibits, dinosaur bones, live displays and, our personal favorite, the Butterflies! Exhibit. Pop into this phenomenal museum of the natural world and enjoy an awe-inspiring and educational experience.

  1. Visit the Penn Museum

The Penn Museum offers tours, exhibits, galleries, and family friendly activities. This amazing collection of archeological displays is mesmerizing and stands as a testament to Philadelphia’s role as a powerhouse of education and innovation.

  1. Shop at the Reading Terminal Market

Of course, this Philadelphia staple is a great place to shop, dine, and have a great time! The Reading Terminal Market is a perfect example of Philly’s rich culture and our love for all things tasty!

  1. Grab some Groceries at the 9th Street Italian Market

Yum! Yum! Yum! The South 9th Street Italian Market really can’t be beat. The market offers a wide variety of food stands, cafes, and specialty stores. Whether you are shopping on a budget or looking for some high-end, hard to find goods, The Italian Market is the place to go!

  1. Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation is an elegant and sophisticated display of fine art that seriously can’t be missed!

  1. Explore Washington Square West

Washington Square West is one of our favorite areas of Philadelphia! You should definitely explore all of the sights, attractions, cuisine, and shopping in this historical neighborhood.

  1. Wawa!

Philadelphians are fanatical about our favorite deli/convenience store. If you need a quick lunch or a late-night snack, Wawa is the spot! Also, be sure to visit the world’s largest Wawa at 6th & Market!

  1. The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute is one of Philadelphia’s premier attractions! For some extra special fun, attend one of their Science After Hours events!

  1. Tour The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum  is one of the many tragically overlooked attractions in Philadelphia. This collection, curated by Fred Simeone, is a wonderfully unique look at automotive history with an endless selection of treasures and stories throughout.

  1. Shop at The Eye’s Gallery

The Eye’s Gallery is one of our favorite small businesses in Philadelphia due to its connection to the city’s history, our deep admiration of its owner, Julia Zagar, and the gallery’s amazing collection of curated crafts and clothing from all over the world. Do not miss an opportunity to shop at this extraordinary gallery.

  1. Walk or Bike the Ben Franklin Bridge

The pedestrian walkway across the Ben Franklin Bridge is the perfect way to view the city. The mesmerizing view from the bridge allows you to fully experience the scenic splendor of Philadelphia.

  1. Take in all the sights along the Schuylkill River Trail

Do not let anyone ever tell you that Philadelphia is not a beautiful city. If you have any doubt about this, simply take a walk down the Schuylkill River Trail and take in all of the scenery and attractions along the way. You will never doubt the beauty of “The City of Brotherly Love” ever again!

  1. Tour the Mütter Museum

If you want to get a fascinating insight into Philadelphia’s progressive role in medical science throughout the ages, while ogling more than a few medical oddities and some brilliant exhibits and displays, be sure to check out the Mütter Museum. Do not miss out on this authentic Philly experience! This is a local favorite!

  1. Philadelphia Magic Gardens is a must see!

DO NOT miss a chance to view the amazing works of Isaiah Zagar. Philadelphia Magic Gardens is a truly one-of-a-kind gem, with endless mosaics, sculptures, and displays, organized into a fantastical, colorful maze. Absolutely magical!

  1. Tour Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary is well known for their ultra-spooky “Terror Behind the Walls” haunted tours during the Halloween season. We recommend visiting this monumental landmark throughout the year to experience the history, art installations, and architectural mastery of this phenomenal site.

  1. Be a Champion

Whether it is Rocky Balboa, our World Flippin’ Champion Phillies, or our Superbowl Champion Eagles, Philly is, for sure, a city full of underdog champions! Whether you are a lifetime resident, a transplant, or simply passing through, we invite you to celebrate with us and be champions too!

That’s it, Philly! Now get out there and take advantage of everything that our wonderful city has to offer!

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